Keep Your Enemies Closer – Part 4

The first thing I notice when I return to the ship with the others is that Mott approaches me with a plan to abandon Balthazar on this planet, having had enough of his antics. Strange, I thought that I was the only one who could not stomach the Sorceror to this level and never would have imagined that Mott would be the one to set this into motion. Wholeheartedly, I naturally agree with his plot to abandon Balthazar on the planet, his antics grinding against me like the voice of an annoying, spoiled child demanding attention. Without his presence, my vision should be much clearer and more free. With this in mind, I decide to take a liberal look through his book collection, being sure to thoroughly examine each before touching them, mainly to guard against any daemonic forces that may be lurking. Knowing him, that is a huge possibility. I come to them and spend a very long time checking them over. Of course, some of the books contain daemonic essences and I make sure to stay as far away from them as possible, not even using my abilities as a telekine to pick them up. I would rather not take the risk.

After initial examinations, I start looking at the others. Any that concern the ruinous powers I leave well in place, though there seem to be a number of books concerning various alien races. I spend hours studying from these books, taking the occasional break to head to the bathroom. I keep my interaction with the others to a minimum, though they seem busy with something. I am not all that bothered at the moment with whatever it is they are getting up to. I do notice that Balthazar appears to be getting closer with a large presence in the Warp. So, he is returning with an army of daemons. He does not know of our plot to abandon him, or by all means he should not, but this makes me feel uneasy. I continue to study from the books until there is an announcement that the ship is about to take off. Balthazar and his army of daemons are still a few kilometres away, so I am feeling pretty confident about the plan. I pack all the books that are not about Chaos or their daemonic allies into my bags and head to the bridge to strap in, putting my helmet over my head. I want to feel his frustration as we abandon him. This will be beautiful.

I get to the bridge as the engines power up, smiling under my helmet as I take a seat. My expression drops as I hear the crew speaking.

“Engaging Warp drives,” one of them says to the others. I immediately stand up from my seat and storm over to them.

“No, we’re only going into orbit. You do not need to use the Warp drives to get into orbit,” I explain, grabbing the man’s shoulder. He looks around at me and an argument ensues between myself and the crew. I come from a fleet based regiment, I know these procedures and I know that this is complete trash. We argue for a while, Mott joining my side of it, until the Chaos Space Marine strides in, asking us what the problem is. We explain that the crew are being idiots and we suspect that Balthazar has some part in it, so he takes the central crew member aside to question him. Instantly, Mott jumps into the seat and plugs himself in to the ship’s computer and the Chaos Marine instructs him to head towards Balthazar’s position before leaving the bridge. Again, my expression drops and I merely take my seat. I will have to wait this one out.

We reach Balthazar and his daemon army eventually, the sheer Warp presence almost overwhelming to me. I sit quietly in my seat, observing and trying not to look uncomfortable. It is difficult. I hear the Chaos Space Marine over the vox, contacting Balthazar and telling him that if he stops his stupid antics, we will pick him up. A shiver runs down my spine, though I am quickly confident when he replies, goading his daemons into chorus. I switch off my vox unit, lest the cacophony corrupt me. The next thing that I see and hear gives me a brief moment of ecstasy, for once I am happy in this situation. I hear the ship’s naval batteries hum for a brief moment, before firing directly at Balthazar’s position. I need not even turn my vox on to enjoy the sound of naval batteries hammering the position of my enemy. I feel the daemonic presences vanishing in large swathes, as well as my worries. For once, I am happy.

The Chaos Space Marine summons myself, Sigmar, Mott and an apparent stowaway that we had picked up into a conference. He asks me to make sure that the women and children ‘do not wake up’ from being cryogenically frozen. I am glad that I am wearing a helmet, because my facial expression right now betrays the sheer horror at this idea. Mott argues the case for women and children, which I appreciate, being too shocked and disgusted to speak back for myself, though the stowaway, named Lilliana, explains that she would like to experiment on the children. I cannot stay here much longer, this is only going to get worse. I have to get out of here. Soon.

Over the course of the trip to the forge world, Mott asks me for strong tranquilisers and laxatives. When I ask him what they are for, he mentions Lilliana, the child experimenter, and I instantly oblige. When I next walk past her room a few days later, I see Mott rifling through her items with her passed out on the bed, bound using what looks like a whip used in sexual activities. I chuckle slightly, though it does not sway me from my path. I ensure to consult the skeins of fate and plot my next course of action. The forge world will be a pivotal moment for me.

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