A New Age of Pain

This is my first ever Dark Eldar army list that I put together on the cheap. It’s basically a battleforce plus a few other bits and pieces.

Since killing Archon Yrinth, Esthine has had some time to explore the Kabal’s armoury. She liked what she saw (and also took the former-Archon’s huskblade) but refused to use his djin blade because it was basically what killed him. She has enough people who will try and kill her now, so she does not need a weapon that tries to kill her sometimes as well!


“Run, you fools. We can’t hold against this!” Captain Grinel yelled at his men, though as he turned he found the barrel of a bolt pistol waiting for him. Before he could act, his head exploded as the Commissar pulled the trigger, executing the commanding officer in front of all of his men.

“You will fight or you will die,” Commissar Lord Bellis yelled as he raised his pistol at the sleek hull of an alien craft that darted above the forest where the Guardsmen were patrolling and squeezing of a burst of shots. As he fired, the vehicle seemed to dart effortlessly out of the way of his shots, sending a pair of missiles into the mass of guardsmen, detonating in a cloud of toxins that caused guardsmen to double over and empty the contents of their stomachs before finally collapsing in agony, writhing and clawing at their own necks. He looked back to the guardsmen who were still alive, fighting on at the sight of the Commissar Lord executing their leader in fear that he would do the same to them.

He noticed the number of lasgun and heavy weapon shots leaving the perimeter were decreasing, the guardsmen were being brought down quicker than he imagined. Out of nowhere a group of scantly clad, slender figures crashed into the flank, barbed whips and cruel blades slicing through the guardsmen’s ranks with ease. Where guardsmen stabbed, their targets had long since moved on, executing each guardsman with grace before rolling underneath the counter attack of his comrade or dancing above their blades. In front his warriors were being cut down by near invisible firepower from the darkened forest, lithe figures skulking barely in sight, moving amongst the shadows.

Before Commissar Lord Bellis’s eyes, a sleek, open topped alien vehicle darted into the midst of the guardsmen’s lines, dual guns spraying tiny projectiles into their ranks, dropping just under a dozen soldiers. The vehicle did not even stop, swooping down into the gap where guardsmen used to stand and slowing down for the briefest of moments as a slender, feminine figure dropped out, holding what looked like a barbed whip and a blade that left mild smoke trails in its wake. She was flanked by four more heavily armoured warriors that immediately started to hack and slash at the guardsmen that were all around them, slicing through armour and bone with ease.

“You face the Emperor’s benediction this day, xeno!” the Commissar yelled, firing his bolt pistol at the lightly armoured figure in the middle. The woman grinned, an evil malice emanating from her expression as bolt pistol shots either went wide or disappeared into shadows that manifested around her. He drew his power sword, crackling with blue energy as the woman just walked towards him, one foot crossing over the other with each step.

“Your Emperor cannot save you, wretch,” the woman replied as she closed in. Bellis released another volley of bolt pistol shots at the approaching woman, though the same outcome occurred, causing her grin to widen. As she closed, he could hear her maniacal giggling. By the Emperor’s will, he would silence this scum.

He swung at her as she closed in, though she deftly stepped to the side. He swung the other way though she was no longer there. Was this alien filth toying with him? The very thought riled him right up, swinging with zeal and the desire to destroy this particular enemy of the Imperium. He felt something attach to his arm, pulling him off balance from behind. He stumbled back and tried to pull his arm from whatever had grabbed at it, though he found that whenever he tried to move, it send pangs of excrutiating pain through his body. He looked at his arm, it was bleeding with a barbed whip wrapped tightly around. He felt her tug at his arm again, though he still retained more physical strength than this alien, turning and raising his bolt pistol to the alien and pulling the trigger once more. With the flick of a wrist, she freed her barbed whip from his arm, ripping chunks of flesh from his arm and causing him to drop his power sword; she pirouetted out of the path of the bolt pistol shots, but with the spray of bullets one impacted with shadows once more that formed in the bolt round’s path. He bent down and reached for his power sword, though before he could take more than two steps, he felt a boot against his side, pushing him aside and making him tumble to the floor. He looked up to see the woman walking over to him again. He raised his bolt pistol, though the woman flicked her whip, catching his wrist and slicing deep, blood oozing through the cracks in his carapace armour. How was a simple whip capable of piercing carapace armour with such ease? He looked up at his assailant, she was still laughing.

Suddenly, one of the Imperial veteran sergeants burst from the continuing melee, seeing the Lord Commissar fall. He charged at the woman, power fist crackling with energy. This would give the Commissar the opening he needed.

Or so he thought.

Still holding the whip in one hand, she flipped her blade in her other hand into a reverse grip, ducking under the veteran’s swing and stabbing it upwards into his stomach. As the blade pierced through his armour, then flesh, the man seemed to shrivel and instantly turned to dust that scattered as a light breeze passed. The Commissar at least figured that the man would struggle as life ebbed from him, though he had never seen a blade turn a man to dust like that. Regardless, he reached for his bolt pistol again, though the woman tugged at her whip once more, sending pain jolting through him once again, his hand recoiling at the sensation. Looking around he could see that his men were all but killed. At least, that would have been favourable, most of them were in fact merely incapacitated, being rounded up by figures in tight fitting, spiky armour. He looked at the woman again, though she now knelt by him, still grinning.

“I wonder how long this one will last,” she mused to herself. Bellis could hardly move, parts of his body were no longer responding to what he willed them to do, the poisons from the whip’s barbs well and truly in his system. She turned her attention to his face, making eye contact with him once more, a terrifying glint in her eyes, though the Commissar Lord would not falter. The Emperor protects his loyal servants.

“So, plaything… How long will you last?”

Esthine Narésiel made her first conquest as Archon of the Kabal of the Venomous Lotus.


1000pts Kabal of the Venomous Lotus


Lady Esthine Narésiel – 195pts

Archon – 60pts

Huskblade – 35pts

Agoniser – 20pts

Shadow field – 30pts

Haywire grenades – 5pts

Phantasm grenade launcher – 25pts

Soul trap – 10pts


Narésiel’s Bodyguard – 178pts

4 Incubi – 88pts

Klaivex Rithin – 15pts

Onslaught – 15pts

Venom – 55pts

Splinter cannon – 0pts

Splinter cannon – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts


Arts on the Battlefield – 250pts

10 Wyches – 100pts

Haywire grenades – 20pts

Two hydra gauntlets – 20pts

Hekatrix Reythel – 10pts

Agoniser – 20pts

Raider – 60pts

Dark lance – 0pts

Flickerfield – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts

Carrion Birds – 190pts

10 Kabalite Warriors – 90pts

Splinter cannon – 10pts

Raider – 60pts

Dark lance – 0pts

Flickerfield – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts

Splinter racks – 10pts

Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Scourge of the Skies – 165pts

Razorwing Jetfighter – 145pts

Two dark lances – 0pts

Four Monoscythe missiles – 0pts

Night shields – 10pts

Flickerfield – 10pts

Grand Total – 993pts

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