Warhammer 40k 7th Edition: Thoughts on a Few Sneak Peaks

This article is a prelude to what will come at the weekend where I will be writing a more in depth look at the 7th edition rule book. This morning I stumbled upon some pictures from the rulebook and decided that, in the interests of not having a huge wall-of-text style post on Saturday, I would write about them as it makes up enough to write a decently sized article.

First, I would like to talk about the new allies matrix. I have not seen the rules surrounding it, but from what I can tell, each army can ally with itself. If this is not true, I would imagine that it would be silly, as all of the armies of the Imperium are now under one entry. Therefore, if each army cannot ally with itself, then no armies of the Imperium would be able to. Sounds ridiculous. So, apart from the Imperium armies becoming a single entry named “Armies of the Imperium”, what else can we see from the new matrix? Firstly, Tyranids remain the only army unable to take any allies outside of themselves, though a lot of other armies lost a lot of Battle Brothers and even Allies of Convenience combinations. The only two pairs of Battle Brothers outside of their own faction are Eldar and Dark Eldar, as well as Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons. Allies of Convenience are Armies of the Imperium and Eldar, Chaos Space Marines and Necrons, Chaos Space Marines and Orks, Eldar and Tau (no more broken Taudar nonsense. Hooray!), and Necrons and Tau. I think that reducing the number of Battle Brothers and Allies of Convenience is a good move as most factions in the Warhammer 40k universe are barely willing to talk, let alone ally with each other. However, I also believe that pushing the Armies of the Imperium into one slot was just lazy. On one hand it does make it simpler, but on the other hand it generalises a lot of diverse armies into one. For example, anyone who ran a traitor Astra Militarum list now finds themselves at a loss (unless they play unbound, so I guess this is all moot) as Armies of the Imperium cannot ally with Chaos Space Marines or Chaos Daemons.

Next we have the psychic powers. All of the original disciplines are largely unchanged, apart from a few minor tweaks and warp charge cost changes with a couple of new powers. Some psychic powers have changed as well, though I largely am unable to make out the exact wording on each power, nor will I go into detail in either this or the rulebook review, though I may do a separate article on psychic power tactics in the future. The disciplines have largely been offered to every race with psykers (apart from Tyranids. They are not included on the reference chart as they can only role on their codex powers) and there is blatant favouritism in these rules. The Inquisition, Space Marines and Astra Militarum have access to every single psychic discipline, with the non-codex Space Marine factions, such as Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Grey Knights, as well as Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons gaining most of the powers as well. I may be a bit biased here, as an Eldar player, but I find it a little bit ridiculous that the race of psykers has access to the 2nd least number of disciplines behind Orks; so Chaos and Imperium get access to just about every discipline whilst the xenos get shafted, even the xenos race with the most potent psykers. Apparently we do not know how to move things with our minds. None of this really matters however, as every single army apart from Orks has been given access to Divination. Also, “Force” has become a psychic discipline available to everyone apart from Chaos Daemons. The power itself is basically what the force weapons do, however it is cast in the psychic phase. I would need to read more rules to get an idea on what it means and I eagerly await being able to read through each psychic power in detail. I think that telekines gained an awesome psychic power on their chart if you roll a six. Some sort of large blast Strength 10 pie plate…

That’s all for now as this is just a prelude to the article that I shall write once I get my hands on the actual rulebook, but a brief insight is better than nothing.

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