An Unexpected Alliance

This is just a quick post that I almost feel obligated to write every time I have a Warhammer 40k game. It’s some pre-game fluff and the army list used followed by some post game fluff. It was between myself and two of my housemates. The teams were myself and the Imperial Guard / Astra Militarum player versus an equal amount of points in Tyranids. The outcome was an Eldar / Imperial victory as we managed to clear all of the Tyranids off the table on turn 5 (as well as control most of the objectives). Some misplays were made, but overall it was a decent game.

Now with a more full battle report, courtesy of the Imperial Guard player who posted it on the Warseer forum:


“Our forces have identified a critical mass of Tyranids to the north of our current position.” A Warlock in dark green robes approached the Farseer, who stood at the side of a Falcon grav-tank, her hair waving in the mild wind that blew across the wilderness of the Imperial planet.

“I shall convene with Autarch Thalinia and discuss the best course of action, though I fear that conflict will be inevitable. Ready the warhost and wait for our decision,” Farseer Lireia responded, still gazing to the distance for a brief moment before turning and walking to the other side of the small encampment where most of the force’s grav-tanks were stationed. Overseeing the maintenance was another Eldar woman, her form clad in heavy Aspect armour of the same colour as the vehicles’ armour, as well as the colour of the Farseer’s robes, a dark green with bleached bone coloured details. On her back was a large warp jump generator that was used by the members of the Warp Spider Aspect warrior shrine, though her one was the same dark green as her armour. At her waist was a shuriken pistol and a sleek power sword in a sheathe.

“You would not be walking like that if there was not something that you wished to say to me, sister,” the Autarch spoke out, turning to face the Farseer with a smile.

“You know me better than anyone, Thalinia,” the Farseer replied, her expression remaining neutral, “a critical mass of Tyranids has been sighted to the north.”

“Then we must cull them. I will lead our warhost to thin their ranks,” she paused, glancing over her shoulder once more. “I would appreciate your powers of vision on the battlefield.”

“Then you shall have them, sister. I shall gather up my seers and we will accompany your strike force,” Lireia smiled and turned around, making her way back to the Falcon that she had previously stood next to. Thalinia also resumed her duties, though she started to gather the Aspect warriors and a large number of armoured grav-tanks.

Lireia approached the Falcon and was met by just under half a dozen Warlocks.

“We are prepared for battle, Farseer. What are you instructions?”

“We will accompany the Autarch into battle and provide support,” Lireia replied, making her way around to the back of the Falcon. She reached into a pouch on her waist, producing a couple of wraithbone runes that she allowed to orbit her forearm as she made her way into the back of the vehicle, followed by the Warlocks. She would cast the runes on the way and offer insight once they had arrived at the battlefield.

2000pts Ithyl-Loc Strike Force

*Counts as Firesabre

**Counts as The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan


Autarch Thalinia Narésiel – 138pts

Autarch – 70pts

Warp jump generator – 15pts

Scorpion chainsword (swapped out) – 3pts

Mandiblasters – 10pts

Fusion gun – 10pts

Blade of the Incandescent Soul* – 30pts

Farseer Lireia Narésiel – 145pts

Farseer – 100pts

Singing spear – 5pts

Runes of warding – 10pts

Runes of witnessing – 15pts

Rune of the Everwarden** – 15pts

Lireia’s Seer Council – 185pts

5 Warlocks – 175pts

Singing spear – 5pts

Singing spear – 5pts



Storm of Blades – 249pts

8 Dire Avengers – 104pts

Wave Serpent – 115pts

Twin-linked scatter lasers – 5pts

Shuriken cannon – 10pts

Holo-fields – 15pts

Disciples of Asurmen – 249pts

8 Dire Avengers – 104pts

Wave Serpent – 115pts

Twin-linked scatter lasers – 5pts

Shuriken cannon – 10pts

Holo-fields – 15pts

Isha’s Tears – 240pts

10 Guardian Defenders – 90pts

Shuriken cannon – 15pts

Wave Serpent – 115pts

Twin-linked bright lances – 5pts

Holo-fields – 15pts

The Wanderers – 96pts

8 Rangers – 96pts

Fast Attack

Sentinels of the Infinity Circuit – 188pts

7 Warp Spiders – 133pts

Exarch Isennil Falnien – 10pts

Twin-linked death spinners – 5pts

Powerblades – 20pts

Fast shot – 10pts

Stalker – 10pts

Heavy Support

Faolchú’s Deliverance – 145pts

Falcon – 125pts

Starcannon – 5pts

Holo-fields – 15pts

Gift of Anaris – 150pts

Falcon – 125pts

Scatter laser – 10pts

Holo-fields – 15pts

Khaine’s Fury – 210pts

War Walker – 60pts

Scatter laser – 5pts

Scatter laser – 5pts

War Walker – 60pts

Scatter laser – 5pts

Scatter laser – 5pts

War Walker – 60pts

Scatter laser – 5pts

Scatter laser – 5pts

Total – 1995pts


“All squads, converge on the Tervigon beast!” Autarch Thalinia called to her forces as she teleported forwards with a squad of Warp Spiders. Alongside her, multiple Falcon and Wave Serpent grav-tanks zoomed next to the remaining Tyranid organisms, disembarking their precious cargo into the ruins around the Tyranids. Instantly, the Aspect Warriors and Guardians that were inside opened fire at any and all Tyranid creatures that remained as the guns of the Imperials spoke out against the Hive Tyrant that had penetrated their lines. The presence of the humans had been most fortuitous for the Eldar forces, distracting the Tyranid swarm’s attention whilst the Eldar fulfilled their own objectives.

The firepower of the Eldar on an already beleaguered and over-extended Tyranid force was too much and anything that remained was cleared through high volumes of shuriken, monofilament and laser fire. The Imperial guns thundered once more and it was over.

“All forces, embark upon your transports and quit the field before the humans can turn on us. With the Tyranids vanquished it is only a matter of time before they turn on us and I will not waste the lives of my warriors on a battle that we do not need,” Autarch Thalinia addressed her forces. A quick browse on her remaining forces showed that not a single Eldar life had been lost, which pleased her. The life of a single Eldar was worth far more than any material possession, and certainly more than the entire human population of this planet.

Each squad quickly made their way back into their respective transports, filing into the backs of grav-tanks in an orderly fashion before engines flared into life and the vehicles zipped away. The Rangers had long since disappeared, blending into their surroundings and making a hasty retreat and the War Walkers had powered their way off to the side to regroup with the rest of the warhost back at camp.

Autarch Thalinia looked back at the human lines. They were regrouping and taking accounts of their losses. With a smile, she and her squad of Warp Spiders teleported off after the grav-tanks. The battle had been won, but the Tyranid threat would never be truly purged.

Regardless, the humans had fulfilled their purposes and the Eldar had fulfilled their objectives.

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