The Serpent Strikes

It has been a while since I have written anything here and for that I apologise; this was due to matters such as exams, school experience for my teacher training applications (of which I have an interview for this coming Wednesday!) and plenty of Wildstar playing. I do, however, have my first game of 7th edition to play today, so… Hooray! I’m going to be giving my Dark Eldar a spin. I’ve never played them before, but I have played Eldar before, so I’m guessing some of the skills will transfer over. That’s the plan anyway. I know that my opponent’s Necron force will be a tough one for my specific army to deal with, as it has a lot of troops in it that are a lot more durable than mine and I’m pretty sure he has mindshackle scarabs just about everywhere. It’s an army that I cannot out-shoot, but mass close combat is another thing entirely…


Archon Esthine Narésiel grinned as she toyed with a soul trap, passing it between her hands as she waited for her forces to emerge from the Webway. Her bodyguard of Incubi stood around her, attentive to the surroundings to which the Archon seemed dismissive of. She had chosen a secluded area on a secluded planet from where she could take her bounty. She was not a large player in the politics of Commorragh, she did not have a large house nor was her Kabal a large one, having descended into civil war since her ascendancy to the position of Archon; her actions in how she took the position from her predecessor was uncommon and many viewed her as a false Archon. However, her actions had increased her clout with the Wych clans of Commorragh, who viewed her direct actions as far more worthy of note than the usual political knife twisting of the traditional Dark Eldar Archons, and her position in the civil war had won over many of the elder Haemonculi, who viewed her side as the winning one.

The hull of a Raider transport hummed from the Webway, a number of armoured figures checking splinter weapons and ensuring that plenty of ammunition was at the ready and within reach. She did not wish to pull too many of her own warriors from the fight with the rebellious elements of her house, however she could not go on a realspace raid without warriors, thus they numbered few. She could always barter with the Haemonculi to make more, after all. This bunch were fairly new out of the laboratories, just a handful of expendable warriors at the Archon’s command. They were not trueborn. They were accompanied by an aircraft that came zooming out of the Webway behind them, enveloped in a cloak of shadows as it darted about in the air, turning skillfully and eventually landing near the Archon.

Finally, another Raider swept out of the Webway, adorned with the figures of Wyches and led by the striking figure of Succubus Alythia Reyniel, her entourage of Wyches hanging from the sides of the open transport, brandishing their weapons of choice, blades and pistols for the most part. Her forces were assembled and she was ready to strike at the Imperial outpost that had made the fatal mistake of building, albeit unknowingly, too close to a Webway gate.

“Lady Narésiel!” Klaivex Rithin yelled suddenly, snapping the Archon’s attention back to reality. A metallic construct darted for her, though it was met half way by blade of the Klaivex, carving it in two in one fell swoop. From the ruins of what used to be a small human town came an eerie green glow. The Archon dropped from her position atop a small rock, walking over to the metallic construct that even when separated into two parts still tried to reach out for her with its claws. She immediately brought down her Huskblade into the machine’s head, causing it to twitch momentarily before dropping inanimate.

“Necrons? Necrons!” she muttered furiously as she wrenched her blade free of the machine that had assailed her. “There were no reports of Necrons in this area! There is no bounty in fighting that which has no soul.” The instant she turned around, green bolts of energy flew towards the group, though the Archon was not phased, dashing over to her Venom transport and signalling to her host of warriors. “Fall back out of their range. We will return to Commorragh once we have dealt with this… Inconvenience,” she called out, her raiding party immediately darting into action. The Necrons were slow and would not be able to keep up, though they were too close to the Webway gate to retreat through it yet. They would have to clear out the attacking Necrons first.

 1000pts Kabal of the Venomous Lotus Raiding Party


Lady Esthine Narésiel – 195pts

Archon – 60pts

Huskblade – 35pts

Agoniser – 20pts

Shadow field – 30pts

Haywire grenades – 5pts

Phantasm grenade launcher – 25pts

Soul trap – 10pts


Narésiel’s Bodyguard – 173pts

4 Incubi – 88pts

Klaivex Rithin – 15pts

Murderous Assault – 10pts

Venom – 55pts

Splinter cannon – 0pts

Splinter cannon – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts


Arts on the Battlefield – 250pts

10 Wyches – 100pts

Haywire grenades – 20pts

Two hydra gauntlets – 20pts

Hekatrix Relythel – 10pts

Agoniser – 20pts

Raider – 60pts

Dark lance – 0pts

Flickerfield – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts

Carrion Birds – 190pts

10 Kabalite Warriors – 90pts

Splinter cannon – 10pts

Raider – 60pts

Dark lance – 0pts

Flickerfield – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts

Splinter racks – 10pts

Fast Attack

Heavy Support

Scourge of the Skies – 175pts

Razorwing Jetfighter – 145pts

Two dark lances – 0pts

Four Monoscythe missiles – 0pts

Splinter cannon – 10pts

Night shields – 10pts

Flickerfield – 10pts

Grand Total – 998pts

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