More Adepta Sororitas Tactica!

As I now have a copy of the Grey Knights codex (the new one), I have decided that I really need to get my Adepta Sororitas tactica updated and finished so I can move on to the new Grey Knights as they are the next part of the “Inquisition” type forces that I want to go over. I have done two new pages, though it is largely taking from my old articles that I wrote when the codex first came out with a few modifications.

Click here for Elites tactica.

Click here for Troops tactica.

There we have it. Still need to do Fast Attack and Heavy Support, but I think I will skip army overviews temporarily so I can get out some Grey Knight tactics first.

Timetable Restructuring

I originally started my current schedule because I was essentially an unemployed graduate building up a portfolio of writing, however that has now changed. With my parents expecting me to help with the family business more and more, I’m just not getting enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to. Therefore, I am cutting back on my schedule in places and will restructure where necessary.

Firstly, I think that I will have to put my cyberpunk story on hold as well. It’s getting too much, juggling so many stories at the same time, so I will reduce it to a maximum of two. If two proves too many, I will reduce it to only my post-apocalyptic piece, as that is the piece that I am having the most fun writing.

40k days will still happen twice or possibly three times per week as these are not quite as strenuous as parts of my stories. Not as much research or keeping track of different characters and their relations. Also, I get the feeling from my visitor stats that 40k is what most people want to see, so I will do my best to keep that constant.

A new timetable will be posted on Monday. Going to mull it over tomorrow and decide when to write things, as well as write 40k Sunday. Tomorrow will be more Adepta Sororitas!

Belated 40k Thursday: Adepta Sororitas HQs

Since my Faith and Flames series was so popular and the Grey Knights are getting re-released this weekend, I figured that I would shift my attention towards the militant forces used by the Inquisition. I will start with Sisters of Battle because they are undoubtedly the best, but will shift to Grey Knights afterwards (when I’ve had the chance to acquire and read through the codex).

So, firstly I give you HQs, the longest section in the codex with a whopping six units! I know, right? Us Sisters players are spoiled for choice. Click here to go to the page, or navigate via the top bar.

Wednesday Fiction Is (Belatedly) Here: Post Apocalyptic Chapter 5

Sorry for the delay on this one, but I already gave my reasoning for that in my post I made yesterday. It is now, however, here and I am much happier with this iteration than I was of last night’s.

Things are really starting to pick up in this piece. Plots are starting to take form and serious things are starting to surface. Click here to go and read “Chapter 5: Weird”.

Also, 40k fans, do not worry! There will still be 40k Thursday today. I will be posting later on starting a tactica series for a new faction, partially because I’ve had enough of Space Marines and partially… Well… Mostly because I’ve had enough of Space Marines. When I come up with more army lists I will post them up, but I feel that there is a decent tactica base there for now. Next faction I cover will be… Well, I don’t actually know yet. We’ll just have to see!

Wednesday Fiction: It’s Not Here! (Yet)

I will make this post brief. I was writing parts of my post-apocalyptic fiction as I often do on Wednesday, but I then looked at the clock, realised that it was getting late and was not happy with what I had. Therefore, I will be posting it up tomorrow (well, technically later today) in addition to the impending 40k article.

So, not much else to say for now. Expect two posts tomorrow!

40k Tuesday: Battle Company Army Overview

So, I really wasn’t feeling my fantasy piece. It was not enjoyable for me and that would probably have come through in my writing either now or eventually. Therefore, I am changing Tuesday to another 40k day, so I will have 3 fiction days and 3 40k days. I will probably pick up my Fantasy piece in the future, but just not now. 4 different stories was also getting a bit too much.

So, that being said, I have got an army list overview today for a friendly list, one themed around a Space Marine Battle Company. This is definitely a list to bring against a less experienced opponent or a friend, someone that you want a challenging, balanced game against.

The link to the page is right here. Click it to go read about my 1500pts Battle Company list!

Monday Fiction: Modern Day Fantasy – Chapter 3

It’s Monday, the start of the week, so what better way to start the week than to write up a chapter for a modern day fantasy setting, huh? We’re getting pretty deep into the plot of this now, which seems to be a pattern for all of the stories that I write.


Chapter 3 can be found right here, as usual, by clicking on this link or by navigating via the bar at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy it and remember to let me know what you think of this story!

40k Sunday: Space Marines Mechanised Fire Power Army List

It’s time. This article will be about my personal Space Marine army list that I use, have used through the years and will use in the future. I love this army list. I came up with the concept back in 4th edition when I was about thirteen years old and found that it worked an absolute treat. It has survived the test of time very, very well, especially since I’ve “modernised” it with flyers instead of the multitude of Land Speeders.

Without further delays I shall get to the army list itself! I am posting the 1500pts variation, but will make all of the iterations available once I sort out my website’s structure a little bit. Click here to go to the army list!

Friday Fiction: Cyberpunk Chapter 3

It’s Friday, that means more fiction! I was going to write a longer chapter, though this part ended up being long enough, so rather than make a behemoth of a chapter, I felt that I would release this piece first (partially because I’ve been super busy today!).

As always, here is the handy little link!

40k Thursday: Army Overview – Space Marine 10th Company

It’s Thursday and that means more 40k. Today, since I am still on the topic of Space Marines, I thought that I would go through a mechanised Scout Company list. Only to be used in small games (it does not scale well past 1850pts) and untested by me, but I think that it has potential to be the Space Marine army that goes against the codex trend of “durable and fairly sluggish”.

Link is right here. Let me know your thoughts (especially if you try this army list! Let me know how it works out!).