I took a hit from the inspiration bat

Right to the face too, my nose is still sore!

Anyway, I got a massive amount of inspiration this evening and got down to properly starting on my fantasy novel (it’s a long process). I will be trying to get this work published, so I will not be posting it up, but I will post up excerpts once the website is fully armed and operational. More website restructuring and new pages need to be made, but we’ll get there eventually.

I’ve just been in a fantasy mood recently, and have about a week left before Star Wars: The Old Republic – Shadow of Revan comes out (which I am mildly looking forward to, but interest has fallen as of late).

However, first chapter has been finished! I’m happy with it as far as first drafts of first chapters go. I have plans for where I want the story to evolve to and I firmly believe that there is enough material queued up to make two, well sized novels. Fingers crossed I can find a publisher who doesn’t hate my work!

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