New Year, New Hobby Opportunities!

Christmas time is over, New Years Eve is looming and we’re all feeling a lot fatter, or rather I’m trying to reassure myself that everyone puts on a few pounds over Christmas. It has been a busy time for me, especially considering that I have been sorting out my transition from my parents’ house back to Brighton on top of everything else. I was ill just before Christmas just after starting a new project (which is a secret for now, but I have a deadline for once!) so things have been a little quiet on the posting front. However, with my impending return to Brighton I will be able to do two things. Firstly, I can get involved in a tabletop RPG, which I’m thinking of trying to find a D&D 5th edition game to join as my Bard Master Race membership card needs renewing. Secondly, it means that I can finally get back to actually playing Warhammer 40k again. There’s the whole teacher training and studying aspect, but I’m honestly petrified of that part of my future. So, with my impending return to the hobbies that I love (seriously, being trapped in a house for 5 months with no social life is torture. I need people in my life!) I have decided to release my list that I think I will be fielding at Games Workshop.

1500pts Ithyl-Loc Strikeforce

* Counts as: Firesabre
** Counts as: The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan


Thalinia Narésiel – 138pts
Autarch – 70pts
Warp jump generator – 15pts
Mandiblasters – 10pts
Fusion gun – 10pts
Scorpion chainsword – 3pts (swapped out)
Blade of the Incandescent Soul* – 30pts

Lireia Narésiel – 145pts
Farseer – 100pts
Singing spear – 5pts
Runes of Witnessing – 15pts
Runes of Warding – 10pts
Rune of the Everwarden** – 15pts



Children of Isha – 265pts
10 Guardian Defenders – 90pts
Bright lance – 20pts
Wave Serpent – 115pts
Twin-linked scatter lasers – 5pts
Shuriken cannon – 10pts
Holo-fields – 15pts
Ghostwalk matrix – 10pts

Disciples of Asurmen – 65pts
5 Dire Avengers – 65pts

Fast Attack

Hunter on the Winds – 180pts
Crimson Hunter – 160pts
Two bright lances – 0pts
Exarch Ionarth Cuersyl – 20pts

Heralds of Victory – 128pts
8 Swooping Hawks – 128pts

Sentinels of the Infinity Matrix – 177pts
8 Warp Spiders – 152pts
Exarch Darallis Rathan – 10pts
Twin-linked death spinner – 5pts
Fast Shot – 10pts

Heavy Support

Faolchú’s Deliverance – 155pts
Falcon – 125pts
Starcannon – 5pts
Holo-fields – 15pts
Ghostwalk matrix – 10pts

Murehketh Bein Hekhita – 210pts
War Walker – 60pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
War Walker – 60pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
War Walker – 60pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
Scatter laser – 5pts

Total – 1498pts

This list relies on mobility. If my opponent turtles up, then my faster units run interference whilst my longer range units take and hold objectives. If they do not, then the faster units take out isolated units whilst my longer range units hit them from distance with heavy weapons. The entire army relies on mobility and line of sight blocking terrain. All of the skimmers have the ghostwalk matrix to allow them to ignore Dangerous Terrain tests so that there is no risk of immobilisation when entering terrain, as it opens up a good way to avoid jinking (and firing snap shots in the subsequent shooting phase) whilst still gaining a decent save with cover + holo-fields. Positioning is essential too as misplacing units or not accounting for potential deep strikers that my opponent has can leave me very exposed and vulnerable. Eldar life is precious. Preserve it.

If you’re in the Brighton, England area, this is a list that you may face frequently (or at least derivatives of this list) as I like to build a core list and build on it, or try totally different themed lists on occasion.

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