I am super good at being on time

Before anyone asks, this is rather late because I have had my own little slice of hell early this week. The whole teaching thing seems to ramp up a little in the run up to half term, but the reward at the end is sweet. A whole week where I don’t have to wake up at 6am; I can’t wait.

I think I’ll start with role-playing. So, I hate party PvP. I really do. It’s a real cancer to me. This shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise due to the fact that I tend to stick to single player and/or co-op video games and stay away from most PvP type games unless it’s TF2 (but really? The way I play TF2 can hardly be considered any sort of PvP) or CS:GO. The main difference here is that TF2 and CS:GO are made for it. I don’t slave away for hours building and then developing the Soldier; there is no convoluted story behind why I equip the rocket jumper, mantreads and market gardener. I just do. Because it’s fun. It’s the same with CS:GO; I play that for some mindless fun. When it comes to role-playing, it’s an entirely different situation. I spend a long, long time coming up with my characters. I flesh them out as people, give them motivations, goals, hopes and dreams. I then dedicate hours of my weekend to playing them, seeing what happens and developing them as characters. When one player decides “screw this, I’m killing you all,” it really irks me. Firstly, because they might have put as much effort into their characters as I have. Secondly, because I don’t want to have to be constantly plotting against the rest of the party so that in the even that one of them is going to turn on me.


So why the sudden outburst? Simply put, I’ve been placed in a party PvP situation. Not only that, but I’m going to be the instigator! I have become that which I hate! I always make 100% IC character choices, even if they are not the best ones and this time it has put me between a rock and a hard place. My Cyberpunk 2020 character, which is heavily inspired by one of my own characters in my own settings, contacted her corporate employers with the intent of handing over the priceless data / cloned person in exchange for a far higher position in the company so that she can move her family to a better part of Night City (corporate or executive zone). Considering the party is very unprofessional and constantly puts her life in needless danger (I am also the main combat character, so I usually end up taking the lead in combat situations, even though my class is only a weird hybrid of Netrunner and Solo; Covert Tech is such fun), this is entirely the thing that she would do in this situation. I ran it past the GM and… Party PvP. I’m going to have to betray them and kill them, because my corporation doesn’t want any surviving witnesses. My character, as a highly professional covert operative, would naturally agree, but I really feel like crap doing it OOC. Hence the rock and the hard place: do I veer away and do something totally out of character for her and not betray them, leaving her husband and two daughters out to dry, or do I betray them and become the party PvP demon? I think I will end up going with the latter, but I am not going to feel good about it this Sunday.


Speaking of TF2, I’ve gone back to it. Again. The call of the trolldier was too great and I’ve gone back to my usual antics on a 24/7 Hightower server. It is a very fun game, even after approximately 1400 – 1500 hours of gameplay that I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s a game that I can play after a long day at work and just not think about anything. Trust me when I say that how I play requires very little actual thought. I’ve also been playing a bit more Fallout 4, but I still pine for New Vegas. Fallout 4 is okay, but I find myself largely avoiding the side missions as they just haven’t inspired me. They haven’t grabbed me, given me a compelling reason to keep chasing them. It’s like side missions in MMOs, sure they’re there and might give some decent loot and/or XP, but other than that they’re a bit bland. I’d say I’m enjoying the main story more than I did in New Vegas (to a certain point), but it was everything else that made New Vegas so special to me. I’m still not playing MMOs, due to the grind (the dreaded grind!), though I am keeping a close eye on The Division; though perhaps it is more accurate to say that I am keeping a close eye on the release date. Another game that I am looking forward to way too much is Mirror’s Edge 2, though that has a release date of May 26th (for us Euro-scrubs), which ties in nicely with the end of my teacher training; this summer is going to be so welcomed! Until then. I’m going to continue to let Gaben absorb the contents of my bank account in the Lunar New Year Steam sale.


What else could be interesting to write about? What about writing itself? No. There is nothing to say about writing here, what are you talking about? Don’t look at me like that. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE! *runs off crying*


In short, I’ve made sub-par progress on my novel due to teaching absorbing pretty much all of my energy every day. I get a few hours of gaming and role-playing in, but most of my free time is spent planning lessons and resources, as well as juggling various responsibilities.

An Authentic Experience

So it’s been an interesting week. And by interesting, I mean totally crap. Got my first exposure to office politics (giving my teacher training a real authentic touch) and I’d really rather not write about it. Essentially, it boils down to people taking issues up with the university first instead of me, painting me in an absolutely terrible light. On the positive, I’ve sacrificed my entire weekend to plan every single lesson up until half term, which is shockingly close! My motivation to be “outstanding” should come from a genuine desire to do well, but in reality it’s all for revenge. No greater good. No just cause. (Whoa-hoooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

So, what’s been going on that’s actually interesting? I’ve run around in even more circles in Fallout 4, because I’m just that indecisive. I don’t think I’m going to bother with the Minutemen because it turns into a single player MMO at that point with its countless, repetitive “make a new settlement” quests. I will say now that I don’t like Fallout 4 as much as I loved New Vegas (I may have said this last week too, but that’s besides the point!), but I will go into that in more detail once I finish sorting my life out.

I also played a bit of The Division over the weekend. It runs sluggishly on my laptop, which is around three years old and only just showing her age, but other than that I am excited for the release next month. The gameplay was solid and engaging, and I liked that my fears that it was going to be a total open world PvP-fest like DayZ (Internet Jerk Simulator) were entirely wrong. I had lost track of The Division over the years, so I wasn’t sure how the game was going to be designed and playing an hour or so (as I said, I sacrificed my weekend) was a great way to experience it first hand. It felt  a little bit like Defiance. But better. I enjoyed that game way too much, so a similar game that is better? Sign me up!

On the role-playing front I think I’m going to keep with CP2020, but I have made a new character for it. After this mission, Renée is leaving; she has a family to provide for; two daughters and a husband. This current team is going to get her killed and she can’t afford that. So I’m going to retire her at the end of this mission and play a full stealth combat character. Because getting headshots by ricocheting bullets off walls is the only way to get them. I never really play combat characters, so it should be interesting to say the least.

Going to see what this week brings. Hopefully plenty of role-playing and some gaming now that I’ve got all my planning out of the way. Currently working on my fantasy novel plan too. It’s an exciting, but fairly tense time!