APAC Premier Overwatch quarter finals kick off in Shanghai

The quarter final stage of the APAC Premier in Shanghai kicked off this evening to an explosive start.


Left to right: Mitch “@UberShouts” Leslie and Jason “@JKaplan” Kaplan have been casting this tournament for English language viewers.

The first match saw NRG from the United States against Snake e-sports from China. NRG, the favourites going into the match, dominated Snake during the first two maps, completely shutting them out of the first point on Hollywood before taking it in a long first push.

However on Watchpoint Gibraltar, the third map to be played, Snake appeared to have learned, almost pushing the cart the whole way and stalling NRG at the 2nd point. It was a decisive team wipe that gave NRG the advantage through a nano-boosted, Seagull popping dragonblade as Genji. The rest of the map proved no issue for NRG, pushing the payload all the way through to completion.

This sealed the first quarter final match up as a victory for the North American squad, NRG yet to drop a map, defeating Snake 3 – 0. The mvp for the match was NRG’s Seagull.

The second match of the quarter finals put Lunatic-Hai from South Korea against Vici Gaming from China. A very difficult match up for Vici Gaming, with Lunatic-Hai being one of the favourites to win the tournament, they definitely came out swinging. They pushed Lunatic-Hai all the way up to the third point but not quite managing to finish the map, however Lunatic-Hai pushed back just as hard, pushing through to the final point and completing the map. This performance was mirrored on the second map, Dorado.

The third map choice was Temple of Anubis, a risky map pick as one of the least played maps of the tournament. Vici Gaming were held up at the first point, trying to switch up their hero choices to no avail. They eventually took the first point, pushing to the second point and managing to capture it in overtime. However it wasn’t enough, with Lunatic-Hai pushing them back and taking the map far quicker, then taking the first point again with the time they had left at the end.

This sealed the victory for Lunatic-Hai with a score of 3 – 0. The mvp for the match was Lunatic-Hai’s Ryu Jae Hong with his incredible Ana play.

This puts both NRG and Lunatic-Hai into the semi finals. The two teams will clash on Saturday and will surely be a match to watch as both teams have put on such strong performances up until this point. The match will be at 18:00 CST (10:00 BST) and will be streamed live on Twitch.tv.

Tomorrow we will see the other two quarter finals games starting at 18:00 CST (10:00 BST) on Friday. The one to watch will be AF Blue from South Korea against Rogue from Europe, as they are the other two stronger teams remaining; Rogue is a strong team, but were cocky against Lunatic-Hai in the group phase and paid for it. However All Strike Gaming against NGA, both from China, will also be one to watch, with All Strike Gaming being the only team left that went all the way through all of the qualifying rounds.

– Lexi Taylor

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