Titanic clash as NRG and Lunatic-Hai compete for a spot in the APAC finals in Shanghai

The semi finals for the APAC Premier in Shanghai had fans on their toes as giants clashed for a place in the finals.

The first match saw two favourites to win clashing head to head, with NRG from the United States facing off against Lunatic-Hai from South Korea, starting on Numbani, then moving to Nepal, Lijiang Tower and finally Ilios, ending with a victory for Lunatic-Hai three maps to one.

However, the final score didn’t accurately show how close the matches were, with NRG putting up an excellent performance against the Korean squad.

Seagull had some exceptionally strong Mei plays on Numbani, putting up ice walls to isolate fights and save one of his team mates from being dragged in by a Roadhog hook.


NRG Gods put on a very good show as Roadhog

On the king of the hill maps, we saw Gods pull some very strong Roadhog gameplay.

It wasn’t enough. NRG managed to take back Lijiang Tower and then force Ilios into the fifth stage, but couldn’t keep Lunatic-Hai out, losing a crucial engagement where graviton surges and pulse bombs were exchanged, but NRG didn’t have a sound barrier ready to defend whereas Lunatic-Hai did, costing them the map and the series.

The second match featured Rogue from Europe against NGA Club from China.


Rogue and NGA faced off for the opportunity to face Lunatic-Hai in the finals

Rogue put on a very strong performance, the matches appearing very one sided as the European squad almost completely shut NGA out on every map, with NGA only capturing a single point on Hollywood across all three maps.

Now all eyes are on the finals tomorrow: a rematch between Lunatic-Hai from South Korea and Rogue from Europe. Can Rogue make something happen in this third match up between the two teams?

– Lexi Taylor

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