Boop! How Blizzard Stole Me From My Guild

It was another one of those weekends where I sat in my room and wished I was elsewhere. These are far too common.

This weekend saw Blizzcon run its course at the Anaheim Convention Center in California and it may come as no surprise that, as a poor student, I was not present.

Blizzard announced Sombra and released a new cinematic while I was having a serious conversation with my SWTOR guild on Friday night. As a part of the guild leadership I am expected to be integral to talks about matters such as “where shall we take the guild?” “what kind of RP events can we run?” “how can we solve these problems that we have?”

However, Blizzcon saw that my attention was firmly away from the Skype call I was in, causing me to make incoherent excited noises over my microphone as they aired the “Infiltration” animated short; by this point I had already labelled myself a Sombra main. I just dropped from the call with a quick “sorry, but Sombra just happened.”

Also, the Overwatch World Cup came to an honestly predictable finish, with South Korea taking the gold without dropping a single map. Russia took silver, unable to stand up to South Korea in the finals, and Sweden, one of the favourites to win, took bronze. I don’t want to say I called it, but… I totally called it!

I’m not a huge Blizzard fan, as I don’t find any of their other games interesting (World of Warcraft doesn’t count as I only really like MMOs for role-playing), so the only other thing that I followed was the cosplay, which as usual was totally on point. Unfortunately, due to being a starving student, I do not have any pictures. However, it has spurred me on to design my own cosplay for some conventions.

I mean… there was someone dressed as a murloc…

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