Game of the Week – 19/12/2016

Before I go into this I would like to explain what this is. Game of the Week is a weekly column where I will write about the game I have been playing the most during the week. It will be a collection of thoughts as to why I have been playing it so much and why I have enjoyed (or not) enjoyed it this week.

For the week, my Game of the Week is: Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This is a bit of a controversial one for me, as I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with MMORPGs. So why have I been playing SWTOR? The answer is simple…


I needed all the level 70 classes. I just needed it!

I am a completionist. I needed to have every class to level 70, especially considering I had pretty much every class at level 65 before the release of the latest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. Pair that with the mercenary class being incredibly powerful and I had quite a bit of fun.

However, this got a bit repetitive. The main draw to MMORPGs for me is not the gameplay, but the roleplaying side of it. The Old Republic has a roleplaying community, however it is not one that I have ever really felt a part of since near the launch of the game. I have enjoyed roleplaying with certain guilds and groups, but on the whole it’s just not fun. Now, combine this with the issues that KotET has brought and I have ended my subscription to SWTOR, so this is the last time for now that I will be playing this game.

It is a shame, as my main character Na’iida is a very interesting one to play. She’s a mercenary who hides her heritage, due to the Sith Empire’s approach to Force users being “Korriban or die” and the fact that she herself is a Miraluka, a Force-sensitive race that don’t have eyes and perceive things through the Force. She generally looks very human, but whenever I roleplay as her I give subtle hints to her not-so-human heritage. It’s very fun, but I can’t stick with a game on just the experiences of roleplaying with a select few people.


My totally human and not Miraluka Na’iida…

I think I will be moving onto The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 primarily, as subscription-less MMOs, though I have returned to Overwatch after following the game as an eSport. I’ve decided to play a lot of quick play, playing heroes that aren’t Mercy (shocking, I know!) as I want to improve with Ana, Widowmaker, Pharah and Sombra. After all, my current portfolio of heroes I am good at is… limited at best.


I don’t have a problem… Mercy is just… so compelling!

Anyway, it’s an hour until Christmas, so I’ll leave this one here. Happy holidays!

Trouble for North American Counter Strike: Global Offensive Teams Continues

The Professional Esports Association has released an open letter in response to Scott Smith and the North American Counter Strike: Global Offensive players he represents.

The players were not happy over the PEA’s decisions, specifically over the limitations placed and that players would be forced to pull out of the ESL Pro League.

The players said: “When the PEA and our owners first spoke more openly about their ability to tell us where we can and can’t play, we asked them what gave them the right. Their response was very direct: It’s in your contract.”

However, the PEA have responded, explaining their decisions and giving the reasons why they have come to their conclusions, as well as apologising for making the players feel left out of the decision making.

Noah Whinston, CEO of Immortals, said: “I believe every author of the player letter wants to participate in the PEA league, as well as EPL. Unfortunately, that option is not on the table.”

Mr Whinston continued: “I sympathize with the players’ sentiments around not feeling more included in the decision-making process and I acknowledge that we could and should have done better. That’s why, in good faith, we’re going to give this decision to them.”