Game of the Week – 19/12/2016

Before I go into this I would like to explain what this is. Game of the Week is a weekly column where I will write about the game I have been playing the most during the week. It will be a collection of thoughts as to why I have been playing it so much and why I have enjoyed (or not) enjoyed it this week.

For the week, my Game of the Week is: Star Wars: The Old Republic.

This is a bit of a controversial one for me, as I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with MMORPGs. So why have I been playing SWTOR? The answer is simple…


I needed all the level 70 classes. I just needed it!

I am a completionist. I needed to have every class to level 70, especially considering I had pretty much every class at level 65 before the release of the latest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. Pair that with the mercenary class being incredibly powerful and I had quite a bit of fun.

However, this got a bit repetitive. The main draw to MMORPGs for me is not the gameplay, but the roleplaying side of it. The Old Republic has a roleplaying community, however it is not one that I have ever really felt a part of since near the launch of the game. I have enjoyed roleplaying with certain guilds and groups, but on the whole it’s just not fun. Now, combine this with the issues that KotET has brought and I have ended my subscription to SWTOR, so this is the last time for now that I will be playing this game.

It is a shame, as my main character Na’iida is a very interesting one to play. She’s a mercenary who hides her heritage, due to the Sith Empire’s approach to Force users being “Korriban or die” and the fact that she herself is a Miraluka, a Force-sensitive race that don’t have eyes and perceive things through the Force. She generally looks very human, but whenever I roleplay as her I give subtle hints to her not-so-human heritage. It’s very fun, but I can’t stick with a game on just the experiences of roleplaying with a select few people.


My totally human and not Miraluka Na’iida…

I think I will be moving onto The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 primarily, as subscription-less MMOs, though I have returned to Overwatch after following the game as an eSport. I’ve decided to play a lot of quick play, playing heroes that aren’t Mercy (shocking, I know!) as I want to improve with Ana, Widowmaker, Pharah and Sombra. After all, my current portfolio of heroes I am good at is… limited at best.


I don’t have a problem… Mercy is just… so compelling!

Anyway, it’s an hour until Christmas, so I’ll leave this one here. Happy holidays!

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