Game of the Week – 26/12/2016

It’s the last week of 2016. What game will take the last Game of the Week spot for 2016?

At the start of the week I thought that my game of the week for this week would be another MMO, following the falling out I had with Star Wars: The Old Republic and my ideas for new horizons. I am honestly surprised to be saying that my game of the week this week is Fallout 4. I have taken to Fallout 4 once more as I wanted to not be a terrible human being and side with anyone who isn’t the Institute. I have a decent number of mods installed, because Bethesda games are best experienced with mods!


I don’t even have that many mods installed, compared to some.

To that end I have decided to take up the Minuteman cause, joining Preston in making the Minutemen great again. I am running a whole bunch of mods, but the one that makes the Minutemen bearable is the We Are The Minutemen mod, which makes radiant quests pop up less often and buffs the Minutemen NPCs so they aren’t completely useless level 1s with terrible gear; they actually turn up with heavy weapons and power armour if you’re high level as they level with you.


Elizabeth is a fully decked out General for the Minutemen. Dressing the part!

I have definitely enjoyed myself in Fallout 4 this week. I think I’ve played almost 2 days (48 hours!) over the past week, which tells you just how much I have been playing this game since Christmas celebrations finished. I’m mostly using projectile weapons, because I’ve never really understood what’s so great about energy weapons, combined with ludicrous stealth capabilities. I carry enough guns so that if I get discovered then it’s not too much of a problem, but honestly my problems are better solved from the shadows than in a straight up firefight. I think I will probably end up siding with the Railroad in the end, with the Minutemen as a side thing, because I just prefer the way the Railroad operates. However, I am curious to see how a Minutemen ending would turn out, so maybe I will leave a save game before fully committing to either.

With two essay deadlines coming up in the next two weeks, we’ll see which games steal the Game of the Week spot next. I will never have a Game of the Week twice in a row, so if I end up playing Fallout 4 a whole bunch next week too, then I will name the 2nd most played game as Game of the Week with a brief mention of Fallout 4. I think that’s how I’d like to do this.

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