Reactions to the Burning of Teldrassil: Horde

I saw this as a forum topic and wrote… well… a decently sized post. Because it was decently sized, I decided to put it here as well, so here they are.

These are the immediate reactions of each of my Horde RP characters to the burning of Teldrassil.

Anatheia Dawnsinger: (Blood Elf mage)

The blood elf sits in her cell, head in hands as she contemplates what had happened. She had heard from the other prisoners in Stormwind’s stockades that the Horde had burned Teldrassil to the ground. She stop the tears from rolling down her cheek. The imagery brought back memories of Arthas and the Scourge and what they did to her people.

She stood up, making her way to the bars. She had resisted betraying the Horde, trying to wait out the Alliance’s efforts to partially starve and torment her. She was the shell of a woman by this point, malnourished and barely holding onto sanity with a lack of consistent magic to sate the addiction. It was fortunate she had been trying to condition herself these past few decades to at least need less, or she would’ve turned wretched long before now. She knocked on the bars, getting the attention of a nearby guard.

“I’m ready. I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the Horde,” she said in perfect Common, locking eyes with the guard, “I want to defect to the Alliance. Death to the Banshee Queen.”

(Yep, I race changed her to nightborne and she’s full NPC unless Blizz give us high elves on Alliance side. She’s had enough and is defecting)

Laralla, Valendris and Ilareth Dawnsinger: (Blood Elf paladin, priest and hunter respectively)

Unable to betray their loyalties to the Horde, the three blood elven women sit within the estate’s gardens, conversing about the atrocity that had been committed.

“I am totally not okay with this. Ana was right, we should’ve fled with mother all those years ago,” Ilareth says, her posture energetic, but wholly frustrated.

“Be that as it may, we cannot throw everything out the metaphorical window right now, not after everything that happened in the last year,” Valendris advises the two younger women.

“I also can’t fight in a war that is led by a genocidal corpse. I’ve taken vows since our mistreatment of the naaru,” Laralla responds, shifting her seating and clanking her plate armour slightly.

“Remember what happened to Garrosh. We don’t get involved and we wait. I cannot imagine the rest of the Horde will approve of our warchief’s actions. Keep your skills honed and see to Velurria’s recovery so that if an opportunity presents itself, we are in a position to help bring her down,” Valendris assured the other two.

Velurria Dawnsinger: (Blood Elf warlock)

Comatose. Can’t imagine she’d be too happy about it though, especially if it’s the above trio filling her in on what happened.

Cyressa Starsong: (Nightborne mage)

The nightborne waves as her latest customer departs her company, magic scroll in hand. As the blood elf left her sight, she sighed heavily.

“Thalyssra, what have you done? You’ve aligned us with genocide,” she shook her head before looking to the stars. It was a clear night in Quel’thalas and the stars were in full view. “I will not speak out against our new allies. I will continue to follow your wisdom, First Arcanist.”

She looked down to a pendant she wore. Her family crest. She remembered her parents who always pushed her to be better, she remembered her two brothers picking on her as they grew up together.

She remembered the Duskwatch cutting them down for aiding the insurrection.

“Please, forgive me for standing aside this time…”

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