Astralis beat FaZe 3 – 1 to win the CS:GO grand finals at IEM Katowice

Astralis have beaten FaZe Clan to take the $100,000 prize at the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, Poland.

The Danish team took a close fought victory against the all-star roster of FaZe Clan in a close best of five.

Peter “dupreeh” Rothmann, a professional CS:GO player for Astralis, said: “This time we proved again we are the best team in the world, so yeah, I couldn’t be happier.”


A well deserved victory for team Astralis

As the reigning ELeague Major champions, the pressure was on Astralis to win again in Katowice and after a rocky performance in the group stages, they managed to pull through to take the winning spot.

Finn “Karrigan” Andersen, a professional CS:GO player for FaZe Clan and former in game leader of Astralis, said on Twitter: “Lost 3-1 to @astralisgg in Grand Final. I wanna thank the crowd for a life time experience. We are gonna go home and work harder.”

This tournament saw some major upsets in the group stages, with large names like, SK Gaming and FNATIC all being eliminated in the group stages, but the playoffs still delivered some excellent CS:GO.

Henry “HenryG” Greer, one of the casters for the finals, said: “Probably my favourite final in recent memory. So many sick moments.”

With no more large LAN events on the horizon, the teams will surely be working on improving for the next event, though with two large LAN event wins under their belts, Astralis have made themselves the team to beat.

CS:GO ELeague Major group stage ends

The Counter Strike: Global Offensive ELeague Major group stages came to a close yesterday after some incredibly tense matches.

Quarter finals will start tomorrow at 10am Eastern / 3pm GMT, all streamed on the ELeague Twitch channel, where Na’Vi will face Astralis to kick off the show. If the group stage is anything to go by, we’ve got a superb weekend of Counter Strike ahead of us!

The group stages themselves saw some excellent Counter Strike being played and featured many upsets! Both G2 Esports and EnVyUs fell in the group stages, with rumours of a shuffle in the works for both French rosters. I feel this shuffle is needed as we saw some excellent play by some members of the French rosters, such as Shox and KennyS who really delivered some great plays over the group stage matches, and I feel those players that really showed up deserved to make it past the group stages. Optic Gaming had a tough run in the group stages too and were knocked out after facing a tough draw without an answer to such opposition.

The results of the group stage is as follows:


Screen-capped while I was having internet issues. Twitch TV buffering for authenticity!

Some teams, despite scores, did not seem to play at their peak during the group stage., despite going 3-0, felt good, but not that high level we’re used to seeing from them, and North, formerly the Team Dignitas roster and certainly a team we expect to see high level play from, only scraped through the group stages 3-2.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the quarter finals as the group stages were so close. With the increased stakes as the teams get closer and closer to that $500,000 first place prize, I am hoping that the quarter finalists will up their game and deliver some terrific Counter Strike over the weekend. Bring on the finals!