I Look Upon My Life and Wonder Why

So I’ve been having a really, really crappy time recently as a trainee teacher. Both teaching and other personal issues have really hit me hard the past few weeks, so I decided to do something I rarely do: I wrote a poem.

I look upon my life and wonder why,
I chose to do this. Surely there’s better,
This week made me want to break down and cry,
From teaching, from issues, can be too much
To keep soldiering on, living a lie,
I walk this road, my failure, my fetter.
Far from alone, my friends certainly try,
To keep me afloat, but not as a crutch.
My situation gives me pause, I sigh,
Tears flowed freely before writing this letter.
To think that once, I used to aim quite high,
My mind, my body. All is out of touch.
I look upon my life and wonder why,
Fate dealt me pocket fives; I live a lie.

Lexi Taylor