Timetable Restructuring

I originally started my current schedule because I was essentially an unemployed graduate building up a portfolio of writing, however that has now changed. With my parents expecting me to help with the family business more and more, I’m just not getting enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to. Therefore, I am cutting back on my schedule in places and will restructure where necessary.

Firstly, I think that I will have to put my cyberpunk story on hold as well. It’s getting too much, juggling so many stories at the same time, so I will reduce it to a maximum of two. If two proves too many, I will reduce it to only my post-apocalyptic piece, as that is the piece that I am having the most fun writing.

40k days will still happen twice or possibly three times per week as these are not quite as strenuous as parts of my stories. Not as much research or keeping track of different characters and their relations. Also, I get the feeling from my visitor stats that 40k is what most people want to see, so I will do my best to keep that constant.

A new timetable will be posted on Monday. Going to mull it over tomorrow and decide when to write things, as well as write 40k Sunday. Tomorrow will be more Adepta Sororitas!