This is where I place all of my Warcraft fiction. If it gets unwieldy, I’ll start chopping them up into more categories, but this will always be the base page.

Bonds of Family – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Laralla Dawnsinger joins a collection of Horde aligned mercenaries in a job to attack an Alliance advance camp in the Arathi Highlands. When the mercenaries attack prematurely, Laralla Dawnsinger finds herself in a position of internal conflict when she is captured by the forces of the Alliance and meets an unexpected individual.

The Pain of Loss, the Agony of Reunion
With a meeting between the Horde and Alliance in hopes of reuniting humans with their Forsaken relatives, Elise Dawnsinger attends hoping to put the ghosts of her parents to rest. However, not everything goes as she had hoped and finds herself struggling conflicting emotions.

A Family Shattered – Part 1 |
Anatheia, Laralla and Ilareth are summoned to Dalaran by their aunt, Valendris, after a disturbing report that their father has taken their younger sister to the Broken Isles for the next stage of her education. Suspecting that remnants of the Burning Legion have a hand in the corruption that has gripped their father and threatens to consume their youngest sibling, the three of them make their way to Dalaran to confront this once and for all and steel themselves to face the man they called Father.