Wednesday Fiction: It’s Not Here! (Yet)

I will make this post brief. I was writing parts of my post-apocalyptic fiction as I often do on Wednesday, but I then looked at the clock, realised that it was getting late and was not happy with what I had. Therefore, I will be posting it up tomorrow (well, technically later today) in addition to the impending 40k article.

So, not much else to say for now. Expect two posts tomorrow!


So, originally I’d decided that I’ll try to put up daily content. Be it a review, a let’s play, something else entirely, BUT…

and this is a big but…

Revision. Pure and simple. Exams are going on during the next fortnight (roughly), so daily content just has not been possible. I’m working on something at the moment, but I felt that I needed to explain the lack of anything and give an apology to you all for that.

Once I’ve survived these exams, then we can start having some fun!