Reactions to the Burning of Teldrassil: Alliance

I did this for my Horde characters as a bit of a writing exercise and figured that I’d do it for the Alliance (FORTHEALLIANCE!) as well.

So here they are. The immediate reactions of my Alliance characters to the burning tree:

Ceryne Moonwhisper: (Night Elf hunter)


Another arrow found purchase through the Sentinel’s armour, the impact pushing her backwards. She caught herself, leaning forwards and putting her weight onto her front leg. She gripped her spear tighter, looking up to see the undead archer pulling another arrow to his bow.

She took a step forward, her footfalls heavy now, fatigue adding to the injuries she had suffered; two arrows protruded from her torso, one from her left arm and a nasty axe wound still bled from her midriff. Another arrow sunk into her chest, forcing her to a knee as the breath was knocked out of her. She crawled towards the edge of the bridge she had been holding, grabbing onto the side and pulling herself back up to her knees. She tried to stand as a hulking tauren closed in on her, clad in leathers and wielding a long staff, but her legs wouldn’t hold her weight any longer and she fell back to her knees.

“You’ve lost,” the tauren said quietly, raising his staff to finish her.

Suddenly, an explosion in the distance. Then another, followed by another, a staccato of explosions polluting the ambience of Darkshore. Ceryne’s eyes drifted past the tauren and onto Teldrassil, her home. Her eyes widened as she watched the great tree catch fire, tears starting to form at the corners of her eyes.

They wouldn’t. They can’t. It’s not a military target; there are only civilians and non-combatants in the tree!

Ceryne could not control the tears as they streaked down her face. The tauren turned, watching the blaze as the tree lit up the night sky.

“Where is your honour now, tauren?” Ceryne asked, her voice weak as she found it hard to breathe, coughing up blood as she spoke. “Would your Earth Mother approve of this atrocity?”

The tauren turned to look at her, surprising Ceryne as he looked upon her with something she could not quite make out. Regret? Concern?


The tauren glanced back at the burning tree once more and Ceryne looked to the side. She could not see the civilians she had sent off with the other Sentinels, which means they must have cleared the battle.

At least they made it. My duty is fulfilled.

The tauren turned back to Ceryne once again, placing the tip of his staff on her chest.

“You ask where my honour is? It’s here,” the tauren replied quietly, shoving her hard with his staff. Ceryne fell from the bridge into the river below, the flow catching her and pulling her downstream as her limp body was carried away by the current.

Even as she drifted out of consciousness, she could not get that horrible sight from her mind. All she could see was Teldrassil burning and all she could think about was how its occupants, mostly civilians, would be burned alive, screaming their final breaths.

With tear-filled eyes, her reality faded to black as she allowed the river to carry her away.

Elise Dawnsinger: (Human rogue)

Elise had noticed a lot more night elves in the bar that day. She was used to the fairly cosmopolitan population of Stormwind, but this was an unusually high number for the average night. She hadn’t noticed this while playing, but now that she had finished her musical number and was taking a break she really started to see just how many of them were there.

She turned to a night elf who stood next to her at the bar. He was tall, with matted blue hair and he nursed a tankard of ale. He was clearly sad; they all were, now that Elise really started to look.

“Excuse me, but you look rather down. Got any song requests that’d cheer you up?” Elise asked, beaming a friendly smile to the saddened elf.

He turned to look at her, forcing a weak smile as he shook his head. “No, thank you.”

“If I may ask, what’s happened?” Elise answered, bringing her tone down to a quieter, more sombre one.

“They… they burned it,” the night elf said quietly, almost tearing up at the mere mention of whatever it was. “The Horde burned our home to the ground. I lost my entire family…”

Elise rested her hand on the elf’s shoulder, having to reach up a bit due to the height discrepancy. Elise found this difficult. Her mother had always bad-mouthed the night elves, calling them ‘pompous, self important hippies’, but at the same time, Elise knew all too well what it felt like to lose a home to a genocidal force.

She backed up, putting her own drink down on the surface of the bar and picking her violin back up. She had started to tear up a little, the memories of her own loss still stung as they bubbled to the surface. She gently and carefully wiped tears from the corner’s of her eyes, careful not to smudge her eyeliner, and took a deep breath, steeling her own emotions. With one quick, acrobatic movement, she hopped onto the counter, causing heads all through the tavern to turn in her direction. She prepared herself, violin resting between her chin and collarbone.

“This is a song about a tyrant…” she announced, as she started her musical performance once more.

Kaylin Moreau: (Human priest)

“Light be with you,” Kaylin uttered as her hand glowed with a golden aura, warm holy energies infusing with the wounded night elf’s forearm. As Kaylin retracted her hand, the burns that had previously scarred the night elf had disappeared.

“Thank you, priestess,” the elf replied back, her voice desperate and full of conflicting emotions as she grabbed onto Kaylin’s hand.

Kaylin smiled. “I’m no priestess, just a woman who’s happy to help,” she answered with a warm smile, placing her hand on top of the elf’s. The elf was shaking as Kaylin held her hand, calming her slightly as she let go.

Kaylin got back to her feet as she walked through the park district of Stormwind. It was full of refugees who had fled the burning of Teldrassil. All of them were injured, mentally if not physically, and families held each other tightly as they grieved the loss of their home and other loved ones.

She found her hand forming into a fist as she made her way past King Varian’s memorial, looking to the sea. She felt drained, having used her abilities to heal as many refugees as she could.

I left that all behind me. I said I would never use what they taught me again. I promised I would lock her away.

She turned, slamming her fist into the stonework of the back of the King’s memorial as tears streaked down her face. Anger and rage intertwined with sadness for those who lost everything. She breathed heavily as she leaned against the back of the memorial, staring at the stone floor where her tears started to drip into a puddle.

There’s always an exception to the rule. Calling upon the Light to heal was not the only thing they taught us in the Crusade.

Lyra Dawnsinger: (Human mage)

The young sorceress couldn’t bring herself to believe that the Horde was capable of what she heard they had done. Teldrassil. Burned to the ground. While Lyra held no love for the night elves, she was astonished to see what lengths the Horde would go to.

She quickly grabbed her bag and ran out of the house, running for the stockades. She had received a letter in secret from a relative of her mother’s. She was unsure who this Valendris was, but she shared the Dawnsinger surname and her mother seemed to trust her enough with the task of sending the letter telling Lyra that her mother had been captured by the alliance. She had been barred entry before, but this time she wouldn’t take no as an answer.

She needed to ask her mother why the Horde would do this.

However, as she cleared the mage district she noticed a group of guards surrounding a woman. She was bedraggled and looked like she hadn’t eaten in days. As the woman turned the corner at the end of the bridge on the other side of the canals, Lyra caught glimpse of the woman’s face.

These guards were escorting her mother, Anatheia Dawnstrider, towards Stormwind Keep.

Curious, Lyra found herself following. She needed to know why the Horde would do what they did and this was the easiest way she was going to find out.

Plus, she was concerned for the well-being of her mother. She looked half-dead.

Clarinne Wakefield: (Human warrior)

“Wait, so the Horde burned it down?” Clarinne asked, her eyes wide as she looked at her comrade across the table. The Westfall Brigade had been fairly inactive as of late, with the Defias mostly scattered and the fight with the Legion a little above Clarinne’s capability as a soldier.

“Completely. The night elves got beat bad and then the Horde burned Teldrassil, civilians, children and all,” the soldier replied, leaning back in his chair.

“Nah, you’re just trying to fool me. They wouldn’t do that,” Clarinne retorted, a smirk on her face.

“It’s true,” said one of the officers as he was cleaning his armour, “bunch of refugees in Stormwind. Can’t imagine it’ll make our situation any better.”

“Well, shit,” Clarinne uttered, sitting back in her chair, “we going to answer back? If the Horde are committing genocide, I feel like we should be doing something about that.”

“I imagine so, and I imagine they’ll be calling on us too, so make sure you’re ready,” the officer said as he stood up, walking over to their table.

“Oh don’t worry, I’m always ready to punch genocidal freaks in the kisser,” Clarinne replied with a grin.e


Reactions to the Burning of Teldrassil: Horde

I saw this as a forum topic and wrote… well… a decently sized post. Because it was decently sized, I decided to put it here as well, so here they are.

These are the immediate reactions of each of my Horde RP characters to the burning of Teldrassil.

Anatheia Dawnsinger: (Blood Elf mage)

The blood elf sits in her cell, head in hands as she contemplates what had happened. She had heard from the other prisoners in Stormwind’s stockades that the Horde had burned Teldrassil to the ground. She stop the tears from rolling down her cheek. The imagery brought back memories of Arthas and the Scourge and what they did to her people.

She stood up, making her way to the bars. She had resisted betraying the Horde, trying to wait out the Alliance’s efforts to partially starve and torment her. She was the shell of a woman by this point, malnourished and barely holding onto sanity with a lack of consistent magic to sate the addiction. It was fortunate she had been trying to condition herself these past few decades to at least need less, or she would’ve turned wretched long before now. She knocked on the bars, getting the attention of a nearby guard.

“I’m ready. I’ll tell you everything you want to know about the Horde,” she said in perfect Common, locking eyes with the guard, “I want to defect to the Alliance. Death to the Banshee Queen.”

(Yep, I race changed her to nightborne and she’s full NPC unless Blizz give us high elves on Alliance side. She’s had enough and is defecting)

Laralla, Valendris and Ilareth Dawnsinger: (Blood Elf paladin, priest and hunter respectively)

Unable to betray their loyalties to the Horde, the three blood elven women sit within the estate’s gardens, conversing about the atrocity that had been committed.

“I am totally not okay with this. Ana was right, we should’ve fled with mother all those years ago,” Ilareth says, her posture energetic, but wholly frustrated.

“Be that as it may, we cannot throw everything out the metaphorical window right now, not after everything that happened in the last year,” Valendris advises the two younger women.

“I also can’t fight in a war that is led by a genocidal corpse. I’ve taken vows since our mistreatment of the naaru,” Laralla responds, shifting her seating and clanking her plate armour slightly.

“Remember what happened to Garrosh. We don’t get involved and we wait. I cannot imagine the rest of the Horde will approve of our warchief’s actions. Keep your skills honed and see to Velurria’s recovery so that if an opportunity presents itself, we are in a position to help bring her down,” Valendris assured the other two.

Velurria Dawnsinger: (Blood Elf warlock)

Comatose. Can’t imagine she’d be too happy about it though, especially if it’s the above trio filling her in on what happened.

Cyressa Starsong: (Nightborne mage)

The nightborne waves as her latest customer departs her company, magic scroll in hand. As the blood elf left her sight, she sighed heavily.

“Thalyssra, what have you done? You’ve aligned us with genocide,” she shook her head before looking to the stars. It was a clear night in Quel’thalas and the stars were in full view. “I will not speak out against our new allies. I will continue to follow your wisdom, First Arcanist.”

She looked down to a pendant she wore. Her family crest. She remembered her parents who always pushed her to be better, she remembered her two brothers picking on her as they grew up together.

She remembered the Duskwatch cutting them down for aiding the insurrection.

“Please, forgive me for standing aside this time…”

New Expansion, New Mains – My Struggle Selecting a Main for Battle for Azeroth

With Battle for Azeroth fast approaching, I feel like I am not alone in my thoughts of what am I going to play come next expansion. Naturally a new expansion is the best time to change your main as all of your gear will soon be outdated and often there’s more than just a new level cap that could affect your decision, with class and gear changes aplenty often coming with a new expansion.

I was a paladin main this expansion, specifically a holy paladin for the extra thicc crit heals, but I find myself willing to try other classes and figure out what I want to play in Battle for Azeroth. I believe I will likely main a healer again, as healing is what I have mained in MMOs since vanilla WoW in 2004, but a few ranged dps classes have stealthed into the equation.

My current plans, as I have most classes I want to 110 (on the Alliance side), is to finish leveling my rogue to 110 as she sits at level 79 currently and hasn’t been played since the Legion pre-patch, as well as leveling a warrior from scratch to try to overcome my incapability to do melee dps. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about melee dps that I just don’t like. However, the real journey will begin once Battle for Azeroth launches, as I will likely seek to level all of my 110 characters to 120 and then choose to main the one I enjoyed the most.

However, this is only looking at things from a mechanical perspective and I would be lying if I said that was the only draw to a class that I have. There are two more aspects: class fantasy and roleplay affinity. There is a difference, though these aspects are fairly intertwined. Class fantasy is the whole “this is what I identify with and want to pretend to be” where roleplay affinity is “who do I want to pretend to be.” I will be looking at all of these when I finally decide what I want to main in Battle for Azeroth.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. The following are the classes and specs that are on the list:

  • Paladin – Holy / Retribution (for solo content)
  • Priest – Holy (might try learning Discipline)
  • Mage – Arcane / Fire / Frost
  • Hunter – Marksmanship
  • Shaman – Restoration / Elemental
  • Druid – Restoration / Balance
  • Rogue – Outlaw / Subtelty
  • Warrior – Arms

The last two are likely not going to make the cut unless I fall in love with melee dps as I level them, and even then they’ll struggle to compete with retribution paladin, as I prefer the utility that retribution can bring to the table. Also, the druid is likely a character I will level from 1 to 120 in Battle for Azeroth, or whatever level Blizzard decide to start Kul Tiran humans at as I really liked the whole wicker element to it and the animal forms look FANTASTIC! (even if I don’t plan on being Guardian or Feral… They’re still lovely) However the others are already level 110 and ready for Battle for Azeroth.

So first I will look at the class fantasy. This is actually where the biggest issue comes up: I love the rogue class fantasy. In D&D you will usually find me playing a rogue or a bard (or a combination of the two), so the sneaky rogue class fantasy is what I love. I will do my best to rank the above classes by class fantasy for an overall look at it:

  1. Rogue
  2. Mage
  3. Hunter
  4. Warrior
  5. Paladin
  6. Priest
  7. Druid
  8. Shaman

This is a problem. My top three are literally all pure dps classes, but I enjoy healing the most. Out of the top five there is a single class that can heal. Furthermore, the top class is melee dps! Oh the horror! I have a problem with melee dps at the moment that I am trying to overcome by leveling both a rogue and a warrior, but as it stands right now I still don’t seem to click with melee dps. Now that I’ve said this, let’s extend the issue by going to roleplay affinity. I’ll do my best to list them in order:

  1. Elise Dawnsinger – Musician and freelance agent from Lordaeron. Was adopted by a high elf fleeing south to avoid political intrigue in Silvermoon. (Hunter and Rogue)
  2. Lyra Dawnsinger – Apprentice mage and small business owner. Again, adopted by a high elf but this one was actually living in Stormwind. Was a homeless beggar girl in Stormwind and now owns a small tailoring business. (Mage)
  3. Wicker-medicine-lady – Not yet made because I need Kul-Tiran humans to release. The idea I’m going with is a natural healer and alchemist with some wicker vibes. More on this once I get my teeth into the Battle for Azeroth Alliance side campaign. (Druid)
  4. Clarinne Wakefield – Former farm girl and member of the Westfall Brigade. She’s… poorly educated, but has a heart of gold. Very simple and direct. Family was killed by Defias who burned down her family’s farm when she was a teenager. (Warrior)
  5. Kailyn Moore (not 100% set on surname) – Former Scarlet crusader. Was turned against the crusade in Lordaeron after a group of crusaders and the forces of the Alliance they were fighting were cornered by undead and had to work together. Saw the horrors of the crusade and turned her back on them. Now a scholar and a priest in Stormwind. (Priest)
  6. Meliaa – Shaman from Draenor. Bit of a spiritual guide to her people, but failed them when her people were killed by rampaging Orcs (after having learned shamanism from one of them). (Shaman)
  7. Tilaara – Lightforged vindicator and veteran of the Army of the Light. DEUS VULT. (Paladin)

Once again, the top two comprises of three pure dps classes and the bottom three are all classes who can heal. At this stage I feel like I’m painting a picture of who I would main in Battle for Azeroth. Clearly I should play either Rogue, Hunter, Mage or Druid. They are the top roleplay affinity characters as well as being the top for class fantasy. It feels like a no-brainer. However, it’s this last list that throws everything out the window… Let’s rank the classes in terms of mechanical enjoyment…

  1. Priest
  2. Paladin
  3. Shaman
  4. Hunter
  5. Mage
  6. Druid(?)
  7. Rogue
  8. Warrior

Yep. We’ve pretty much turned the previous tables on their head. Damn you, Blizzard. Making me love the mechanics of classes I have no class fantasy with or will to RP. I don’t really have time to dedicate to too many characters, so there have to be cuts. I’d love to be able to play all eight, honestly, but with work, tabletop and other responsibilities I won’t be able to pay attention to more than maybe three characters. Now, I’m a numbers nerd, so let’s put this into a table…

Character Mechanical Enjoyment Class Fantasy Roleplay Affinity Average Position Overall Position
Hunter 4 3 1 2.67 1
Rogue 7 1 1 3 2
Paladin 2 5 8 5 5
Priest 1 6 6 4.33 4
Mage 5 2 3 3.33 3
Warrior 8 4 5 5.67 7
Druid 4 7 4 5 5
Shaman 3 8 7 6 8

Which gives a final list of:

  1. Hunter
  2. Rogue
  3. Mage
  4. Priest
  5. Druid
  6. Paladin (5th equal, really)
  7. Warrior
  8. Shaman

Again, no healers in the top three when we look into it from a purely mechanical perspective. It would be an easy choice if I wasn’t interested in PvE and, given War Mode coming in Battle for Azeroth, trying my hand in PvP. Honestly, I think it’s going to take some time to decide when Battle for Azeroth comes out and I will seriously have to consider which character I get the feel for, because going through this has only told me that I have literally no idea what I want to do in Battle for Azeroth. It could be druid, as one of the limiting factors of druid was low mechanical enjoyment, but it has been a long, long time since I have played druid (we’re talking The Burning Crusade levels of a long time ago). At the end of the day, it’s all rather inconclusive.

And here I was hoping I’d find some answers… Well, what do you plan on having as your “main” in Battle for Azeroth? I hope you’ve had an easier time choosing than I have!

The Pain of Loss, The Agony of Reunion

It had been a while since Elise had visited the Arathi Highlands. She was working as a freelance scout for the Alliance military and both met her adoptive sister and was almost disemboweled by an Orc with a rather large axe in the same night. It wasn’t a pleasant memory and she didn’t feel ready to be back here, but the opportunity was too good to pass up; it was almost too good to be true. The Alliance had been in talks with the Horde and had organised a meeting for humans and members of the Forsaken who, in life, were previously related. Elise hated the undead. She saw them as abominations that needed to be put down and she needed the closure. The memories of when the Scourge swept across the Kingdom of Lordaeron were forever imprinted in her memories. She was hiding under her bed when she saw her parents massacred by the endless tide of undead. She needed closure. She needed to know her parents had been granted the peace of death. She needed to attend this meet up to confirm that her parents were truly dead.

When they reached the location of the meet up, Elise immediately flared her nostrils in disgust. The Forsaken had gathered near the wall and the Alliance had gathered up near Stromgarde, but Elise could smell the foul stench of undeath on the air. She would hold back her desires to destroy every last one of these abominations for the sake of her King and his orders, but should the Forsaken strike first she was ready to fight, having strapped a sheathed dagger to her belt, though she had left her armour behind. There was some hesitation, as many saw the undead in the same way as she did and it was likely that nobody present on the Alliance side trusted the leader of the Forsaken, Sylvanas Windrunner, to not pull something here. Slowly, but surely, the two sides met in the middle and started to mingle.

Elise wandered through the crowds, seeing humans and undead talking as people appeared to find long lost loved ones. She saw some speaking briefly before parting ways, unable to accept their differences; Elise thought they were the intelligent ones. It was clear that they could not coexist. It disgusted her to see some pairs and groups rekindling long forgotten relationships; these Forsaken were no different from the Scourge that had destroyed their homes in the first place. Nevertheless, she continued to make her way through the crowd, looking for her own parents and feeling rather content that she hadn’t found them.

That’s when she noticed it. It had been so long since she had adopted the Moreau name. She had fully taken on the Dawnsinger name since Arinella, a ranger fleeing from political strife in Quel’thalas, rescued her from the decaying Lordaeron and brought her south to Stormwind. She had almost forgotten what the family crest looked like, but seeing a ring with the crest clearly depicted caused a tirade of emotions to flood through Elise, primarily fear and anger. She took a deep breath, frowning heavily and making her way over to the Forsaken wearing the ring. She reached into her pack and pulled out her own ring that had been gifted to her minutes before the Scourge murdered her family as she stormed over to the pair of Forsaken.

“That ring. Where did you find it?” Elise demanded, pointing at the ring on the undead woman’s hand. The pair looked at her, a brief moment of silence as they looked into Elise’s rather angry eyes.

“Lisette?” the woman asked, her initial offense at the human’s approach melting away in an instant as she looked at the blonde young lady.

Elise’s eyes widened. She had hoped that they were simply grave robbers and that she was going to need to demand that the ring was returned to her. She had always feared this possibility and simply stood still, staring at the pair of Forsaken. She was at a total loss for words.

“Lisette? Is that you?” the male Forsaken asked as well as they both looked upon her. Even though they were dead, Elise could see the hope in their expressions. It tore at her; she hated all undead for what the Scourge did to her parents. She refused to believe that these monsters were her parents.

“It can’t be…” she muttered, taking a step back from the pair of Forsaken.

“You’ve grown so much since we last saw you,” the Forsaken woman said, taking a step towards Elise. “We always hoped you escaped. It was the spark of hope we clung to all these years.

“No, you’re not my parents,” Elise said, shaking her head and recoiling from the woman.

The woman visibly sunk. “I know it’s hard, but-…”

“No! It can’t be. I won’t believe it,” Elise said, looking away from the pair as tears started to flow from her eyes, streaking down her cheek and dropping onto the grass. She refused to believe that these two Forsaken were Charles and Lilyne Moreau, her biological parents.

“It’s us, Lisette,” the male Forsaken said, taking a step forwards and placing a hand on her shoulder. She recoiled from his touch initially, but then let his hand rest on her shoulder as the woman made her way to Elise’s other side.

“Why?” Elise asked, her head now in her hands.

“We didn’t have a choice. The Scourge raised us against our will, but we broke free when his power waned,” Lilyne explained.

“But you’re…” Elise muttered, raising her head to look at the pair of Forsaken through tear-filled eyes.

“Abhorrent crimes against nature? I know, Lisette, but I still believe the Light has a use for us in this world,” Lilyne answered, cutting Elise off.

“How did you escape?” Charles asked, a look of curiosity, but also concern on his face.

“A ranger fleeing south saved me. She took me in,” Elise answered, sniffing and wiping tears from her eyes as she tried to regain her composure, battling an ever rising tide of emotion that welled up inside her.

“That explains the dagger,” Lilyne said with a smile, “you’ve grown into such a beautiful, strong young woman. We’re both so proud of you.”

“This ranger that took you south, I’m guessing she was a high elf?” Charles asked, examining the necklace that Elise wore, an arrow wrapped in a vine, blooming in a flower native to Quel’thalas at the base of the arrowhead.

“Yes. She’s been good to me. Taught me what I needed to survive.”

“You mean elocution and singing lessons didn’t teach you how to defend yourself?”

Elise smiled, chuckling quietly and shaking her head. “No, I suppose they didn’t. Oh, and call me Elise; I dropped the name when I thought you were dead. No sense in getting caught up in politics when our lands and business was destroyed.”

“I agree. Our family had enemies who could still be out there. It’s safer this way,” Charles responded with a nod.

A loud horn interrupted the conversation, originating from the wall.

“Well, that’s our cue. Sorry we can’t stay longer, Elise,” Lilyne said with a smile, “but that’s the signal to return and we dare not disobey the Warchief.”

Elise looked at her parents, tears once again welling in her eyes, until she noticed some undead making a break for the Alliance lines. She turned back to her parents.

“Why not come back with me? You can’t trust Sylvanas, but we can be a family again in Stormwind,” Elise pleaded, holding her mother’s hand as she turned to walk away.

The pair of undead hesitated, looking back to Elise. “I don’t think we would be accepted back in the Alliance, much like you would not be accepted in Lordaeron any more,” Lilyne replied with a soft smile. “I’m sure we’ll see each other again.”

Elise let go of her mother’s hand and watched as the pair of undead started to walk away. However, she caught the sight of a one of the undead running for the Alliance lines collapse, an arrow through his frail form as he lay still in the dirt. Then another fell. More and more started to fall as she saw Sylvanas’s dark rangers open fire on the undead, indiscriminately firing on both the ones who were fleeing as well as those who were returning.

She turned to face her mother and father again and opened her mouth to yell at them to run, but she was too late. Her father took the first arrow straight through his head, the force of the impact knocking his head clean off his body as he tumbled to the ground. Her mother took an arrow to the torso shortly afterwards, crashing to the ground under the hail of fire from the dark rangers. Elise grabbed her dagger and unsheathed it, ready for one to attack her, but nothing came. In fact, no member of the Alliance was attacked at all. Sylvanas was simply slaughtering her own people.

By the time Elise came to realise this, the dark rangers had fallen back and the Forsaken were quitting the field. Dagger in hand, she started to make her way to the Forsaken lines. She wasn’t thinking rationally; unarmoured and barely armed she marched towards the wall, however she almost tripped on her way. Something had grabbed her ankle. She looked back to see Lilyne, barely moving, grabbing onto her ankle.

“Let go!” Elise screamed, wrenching her leg free, although instead of pulling her leg free of the hand, she ended up pulling Lilyne’s arm out of its socket. A look of horror spread across her face as she did and she immediately turned to kneel next to the body of her mother.

“Live,” Lilyne muttered, managing to shake her head in her final moments before she became still.

Elise burst into tears once more, kneeling between her fallen parents. She couldn’t look away from the sight of them.

“Why? They were returning. Why would she do this to her own people!” Elise screamed, stabbing her dagger into the earth in anger. She couldn’t contain the mix of emotions any longer as the mixture of sadness, rage and frustration came to the surface. She looked up to see the Forsaken one last time as they disappeared from sight, her eyes full of hatred. “If I ever get my hands on you, I’ll make you suffer for what you’ve done, Sylvanas,” Elise muttered as she watched them vanish, white-knuckled fists clenched tightly.