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Warhammer 40k is a large hobby and a massive interest of mine. I started when I was about 13, during the late stages of 3rd edition, collecting both a Death Company heavy army of Blood Angels (it was different back then, you generated Death Company instead of buying them as a unit and Chaplains generated a lot of them at a hefty points cost) and a long rage oriented Dark Angels army. I then expanded into Witch Hunters (now sort of replaced by Inquisition and Adepta Sororitas), infantry heavy Imperial Guard (now Astra Militarum) , Chaos Space Marines of the Alpha Legion variety, an Ork army that brought more guns than sense, mid-range specialising Tyranids and an Ulthwé Strike Force (which actually had their own special rules back then!).

I sold up all of my armies when I was about 16 and… Regretted the decision ever since. If only for my Witch Hunters army which will cost me an arm, a leg and a portion of my soul with Games Workshop’s current pricing on all Sisters of Battle units, but I largely miss all of the armies. I decided at University to get back into the hobby after a two year hiatus and dived in at the deep end with Eldar, taking a more narrative approach as opposed to the play-to-win approach of my childhood. I’ve always been a fan of elven races in various fantasy franchises (apart from Tolkien’s universe. Not a huge fan of Tolkien’s elves), usually playing as an elven character in D&D or various PC games, so I felt that Eldar were the best for me. Let me tell you, I could not have been more correct in that assessment. I have decided to avoid the mistake that I made as a child, wanting to have my fingers in all the pies, and ensured that I concentrated on my Eldar before even considering other armies. Even after collecting so many points of Eldar, the next army I chose to pursue was Dark Eldar, as I enjoyed the mobility aspect of my Eldar so much, yet I wanted a different twist on it. I have plans for other armies in the future, but it all costs money and is a hobby; there are other things that take priority.

When you look at it, the only armies that I have never played personally are Necrons and Tau (and sort of Grey Knights. I had a sprinkling as a counter initiation unit for my Witch Hunters). I would like to say that I am an experienced Warhammer 40k player, and as I enjoy it I have decided to write about it here. Areas covered will be the fluff behind my own armies and characters, as well as tactics, list building, speculations and reviews of various products that I get my hands on.

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