500pts Kabal of the Venomous Lotus (Standard List)

The idea behind this list is to use my considerable mobility to outmaneuver my opponent. The dark lances are the main source of vehicle damage, with two of them providing more than enough anti-vehicle firepower in a 500pts game. The job of the Kaballite Warriors is to ride around and fire their array of splinter weaponry out of their Raider, acting as an anti-infantry mobile firing platform. The splinter racks give all their shots the Twin-linked special rule, as the only weapons in the unit are splinter weapons. The Succubus rides with the Wyches and preys on targets of opportunity, as opposed to another powerful close combat unit. I want to send the Wyches after something like a Tactical squad or even a unit of Terminators as they have a 4+ Invulnerable Save in close combat against those power fists and can put out a bucket-full of attacks. The Wyches do not want much to be hitting them back or shooting at them as they are an incredibly delicate unit, however the high Initiative, abundance of attacks and presence of two AP3 weapons (the archite glaive can be AP2 if used two-handed!) largely mitigate this threat by killing what would oppose them before it can strike.

This army list is, like most of my Dark Eldar lists, delicate. It has to be played cautiously, using cover and mobility to isolate and pick off enemy units. If this army clashes head on with another army, it will likely not survive or at least take large numbers of losses, which we don’t want. When executed correctly, I can see this working incredibly well, though if used carelessly or improperly, this army could easily just dissolve. This army has to strike hard when it takes the offensive and needs to cripple the enemy quickly as it has very little staying power. The best defense is the removal of all threats, after all.

500pts Kabal of the Venomous Lotus

*Counts as: The Parasite’s Kiss


Elynith Descallien, Leader of the Cult of Mirrored Blades – 105pts
Succubus – 70pts
Archite glaive – 20pts
“Mistress”* – 5pts
Haywire grenades – 5pts



Torrent of Pain – 185pts
10 Kaballite Warriors – 80pts
Splinter cannon – 15pts
Raider – 55pts
Dark lance – 5pts
Nightshield – 15pts
Splinter racks – 15pts

Battlefield Arts – 210pts
9 Wyches – 90pts
Hydra gauntlets – 5pts
Hekatrix Druthea – 10pts
Agoniser – 25pts
Haywire grenades – 5pts
Raider – 55pts
Dark lance – 5pts
Nightshields – 15pts

Fast Attack

Heavy Support


Lord of War

Total – 500pts

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