500pts Eldar Scouting Party

Here is my typical 500pts Eldar list. I try to go for a more scout themed list as 500pts is a very small skirmish and likely wouldn’t bring heavier vehicles or dedicated warriors, merely designed to observe and occasionally fight a small skirmish with an enemy warband. This list tries to maintain the scout feel, whilst also keeping a competitive edge with the volume of shooting that the list can kick out. This list will fall apart in a protracted battle of attrition, or if your opponent shows up with heavy tanks, but it’s themed; if you field this list against a cheese list, you will put up a good fight, with most units having good cover saves, but run the risk of being unable to deal with whatever cheese your opponent’s list revolves around and eventually lose. This list is fair, yet also has a competitive streak to it.


The idea is for the Rangers to use their Infiltrate special rule to set up somewhere largely secluded and pick off higher Toughness enemies or just add their firepower to killing and hopefully pinning enemy infantry. This benefits you in two ways as it may also siphon off enemy units from your main bulk of the army that will be doing most of the damage; people that I play against usually go after the Rangers because they’re very annoying. The War Walkers are the main damage dealers, unloading a ludicrous amount of shooting for such cheap units whilst the Vyper runs distraction or vehicle hunting if your opponent brings any. The Guardians act as a bodyguard unit for the Spiritseer (it’s a more experienced Warlock in my list as I don’t generally use wraith units in my Craftworld, so Spiritseers are rare) and benefit from Conceal, taking them to a 2+ cover save. I generally roll on Runes of Battle, but roles on Telepathy could give you Invisibility, and the Primaris power is a great deterrent for any unit wanting to get close and already brave the Guardian unit’s considerable close range shooting.

500pts Ithyl-Loc Scouting Party


Warlock Arduin Zatherith – 70pts
Spiritseer – 70pts



The People – 110pts
10 Guardian Defenders – 90pts
Scatter laser – 20pts

The Eyes of the Craftworld – 60pts
5 Rangers – 60pts

Path of the Outcast – 60pts
5 Rangers – 60pts

Fast Attack

Hounds of Kurnous – 60pts
Vyper – 50pts
Bright lance – 10pts

Heavy Support

The Foundation – 70pts
War Walker – 60pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
Scatter laser – 5pts

Murehketh Bein Hekhita – 70pts
War Walker – 60pts
Scatter laser – 5pts
Scatter laser – 5pts


Lord of War

Total – 500pts

2 thoughts on “500pts Eldar Scouting Party

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  2. It’s good but there is no anti tank. I would drop the viper, give the war walkers star engines and double bright lances, drop the guardians and have 5 squads of 5 rangers

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