Lireia Narésiel – Farseer of Craftworld Ithyl-Loc

Lireia Narésiel

Farseer of Ithyl-Loc

Younger and less experienced than her peers, Lireia Narésiel is a Farseer of Ithyl-Loc and the younger sister of Autarch Thalinia Narésiel. She has much to learn when it comes to leading her people through the complex paths of fate, but considering her age, she shows promise as a bright young Farseer.

Her first campaign saw her taken to Amarah Prime, an Imperial world under threat from both the forces of Chaos and the Tyranids. Her divinations prevented losses of life, always able to out-maneuver her opponents, though her tactical decisions caused the warhost to lose ground. She frequently used the Imperial garrison as a screen, though the larger mass of forces attracted larger opposing forces which caused her to retreat her warhost more often than would have been necessary. She did prove to be tactically flexible, however, immediately cutting any contact with the human forces on the planet and reverting to what her warhost did best; hit and run raids and subtle manipulations. Her older sister, Thalinia Narésiel, was wounded during the campaign and led the majority of the warhost back to the Craftworld, but Lireia stubbornly remained with a few dozen volunteers, Aspect Warriors, Guardians and Seers alike, insisting that their mission to find and destroy a Tyranid psychic beacon could not go unfinished. Her stubborn nature, paired with her previous reputation as tactically inexperienced, gathered skeptical views and the ire of some of the other seers.

She would redeem herself later on when she was sent to the planet Ophelion, guiding her warhost once again through the twisting paths of fate as they sought to influence the path of a warring Space Marine chapter. Her initial forces came under the watchful eyes of an Inquisitor, who hunted the Farseer almost as soon as she emerged. She narrowly escaped captivity in the Inquisition and what would have been a messy demise, returning to her Craftworld’s strikeforce, bloodied but not beaten. Her fortune swung after this engagement, taking to the battlefield as if possessed by Khaine himself. Every vestige of resistance was wiped out, every enemy totally destroyed, including a Chaos band devoted to the Great Enemy, whilst her strikeforce enjoyed very few casualties in return. Even those who previously doubted her capabilities as a leader were taken aback, though some felt concerned; for a race who feel all emotions far more strongly, many grew concerned over Lireia’s mental health, believing that such strong feelings could result in a mental breakdown. Regardless, Lireia’s predictions and divinations led her Craftworld to achieve their objectives, sufficiently influencing the path of the Space Marine chapter so as to combat threats that would have directly been a danger to Craftworld Ithyl-Loc.

Lireia returned to her Craftworld successful, though her peers wished to assess her condition. She maintained that it was unnecessary and did prove that she was not affected by her actions on Ophelion, though there are still those who watch her with wary eyes. She continues to gain experience as a seer, guiding her people both on the battlefield and on the Craftworld. Her ability to empathise causes warrior and citizen alike to trust her and her visions; never would she put another Eldar in a situation that she would not put herself in first, and her warriors know it.










Points Cost

Lireia Narésiel










An Ithyl-Loc Eldar army may include Lireia Narésiel. If you decide to take her she counts as one of the HQ choices for the army. Lireia must be used exactly as described below, and may not be given extra equipment.

UNIT TYPE: Infantry (Character).


  • Rune armour (pg 153)
  • Shuriken pistol (pg 150)
  • Singing spear (pg 152)
  • Ghosthelm (pg 153)


  • Ancient Doom (pg 148)
  • Battle Focus (pg 148)
  • Fleet
  • Independent Character
  • Psyker (Mastery Level 3)
  • Runes of the Farseer (pg 109)

PSYKER: Lireia Narésiel generates her powers from the Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Runes of Fate and Telepathy disciplines.

Remnant of Glory

Rune of the Everwarden: This rune depicts Isha, the goddess of healing fertility and the harvest, weeping on her knees. Much like how Isha sealed her own fate in contacting her children, disobeying the rule of Asuryan, this rune was crafted for Lireia when she lost herself upon the Path of the Seer, sealing her own fate. The power of the rune can drain the bearer’s rune armour to augment their own psychic potential, allowing Lireia to sacrifice her own protection to better aid her Craftworld. It is said that the use of such a rune will inevitably seal her own fate, much as Isha had before the War in Heaven.

Every time Lireia attempts to manifest a psychic power, she can choose to reduce the Warp Charge cost by 1 (to a minimum of 1). If she does so, she cannot use her rune armour’s invulnerable save until the start of her next turn.

Writer’s Notes:

The rules for Lireia Narésiel are solely contained within the Eldar codex and she is totally tournament legal, due to her mechanics being just that of a well equipped, nameless Farseer. She is, in game terms, a Farseer (100pts) with a singing spear (5pts) and The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan (15pts) for 120pts.

Notice how the Rune of the Everwarden’s wording is identical to the wording for The Spirit Stone of Anath’lan. That’s because I do not see why a (relatively) inexperienced Farseer from Ithyl-Loc would have the spirit stone of a Biel-Tan Farseer, but I see it as a very apt item to give her.

Her background is not 100% set in wraithbone. The campaigns are actually two campaigns that I have played in and reflect how they went, so they will likely stay, though I am tossing up various things concerning her background before she became a seer.

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