Thalinia Narésiel – Autarch of Craftworld Ithyl-Loc

Thalinia Narésiel

Autarch of Ithyl-Loc

Thalinia is an experienced, well respected Autarch of Craftworld Ithyl-Loc and the older sister of Lireia Narésiel. Like many Autarchs, she shows a great level of adaptability on the battlefield, frequently leading from the centre or the front, harassing the enemy where they are weakest before withdrawing with new orders for her strikeforce. She believes that the best tactical outlook comes from a ground level view of the battlefield, as opposed to far off observation, believing that the latter provides no insight into the subtle, finer points of battle. She also does this to honour the memory of her fallen lover, a former member of the Fire Dragon shrine who died on the front lines in a daring raid on a Tau outpost and now inhabits a soulstone on the hilt of her power sword.

She has enjoyed a largely successful record in battle, frequently leading both small and large strikeforces against often numerically superior foes. On the planet Anarhe, she crippled an Ork uprising that would have destabilised the region, turning the Orks’ attention to themselves as opposed to the Craftworld. On Amarah Prime she led the initial forces on the planet’s surface, quickly taking and holding strategic assets with merely a force of Rangers, Guardians and a handful of Aspect Warriors. On Ophelion she led a smaller detachment on a campaign of sabotage, hitting supply lines of Imperials, Orks, the servants of Chaos and more, crippling armies before the main forces struck.

On many campaigns, Thalinia is sent to command alongside Lireia, her younger sister, due to the psychic bond that takes form between blood relatives. This bond allows the two to synchronise and co-ordinate efforts with a subconscious ease that only Eldar blood relatives can achieve, knowing what each other is doing and allowing them to perform in tandem for greater effect. Unlike her sister, however, she does not believe in using humans to achieve the Craftworld’s goals, viewing it as an unpredictable aspect of war. When given the choice, she is more inclined to direct intervention when it comes to any task other than that of a sacrificial distraction, seeing humans as great tools for that particular assignment. She takes a particular enjoyment in duelling enemy leaders, with the exception of Tyranid beasts or Necrons as they do not operate like the other races, finding the pride and ignorance of the other races something to exploit. To her such traits are a means to further prove to the lesser races that their efforts against the Eldar are utterly pointless, proving her race’s superiority to all those who follow these so-called champions. Unlike those she seeks to show up, however, she is not blinded by her pride, picking duels that she knows she has a good chance of winning. She will not seek out a Daemon Prince, for example, instead directing the heavy firepower of her force’s vehicles to bring down such a foe. Against the Dark Eldar of the Kabal of Countless Blades she used the knowledge that the leaders of the Wych cults would seek her head above all else to lure a large portion of the Dark Eldar raiding party through a carefully planned ambush of Aspect Warriors, cutting the Dark Eldar down to a man in a hail of shuriken fire.

When it comes to tactics she favours the use of fast moving grav-tanks to both out-manoeuvre and out-gun the opposition. She sees her mobility as an asset to be leveraged against her foes, knowing well that none of the lesser races will be able to keep up with her warhost with only the most dedicated force being able to match her shot for shot. This usage of her forces has led to a near-spotless wartime record, often winning her engagements without losing many, if any, Eldar warriors in the process.










Points Cost

Thalinia Narésiel











An Eldar army from the Craftworld Ithyl-Loc may include Thalinia Narésiel. If you decide to take her she counts as one of the HQ choices for the army. Thalinia must be used exactly as described below, and may not be given extra equipment.

UNIT TYPE: Infantry (Character).


  • Heavy Aspect armour (pg 153)
  • Shuriken pistol (pg 150)
  • Haywire grenades
  • Plasma grenades
  • Forceshield (pg 153)
  • Fusion gun (pg 149)
  • Banshee mask (pg 153)


  • Ancient Doom (pg 148)
  • Battle Focus (pg 148)
  • Fleet
  • Independent Character
  • The Path of Command (pg 108)


  • May take on of the following options:

– Warp jump generator (pg 154) ……………….10pts

– Swooping Hawk wings (pg 154)……………….15pts


Blade of the Incandescent Soul: The Blade of the Incandescent Soul was created by Thalinia herself after her mate fell during an assault on a Tau position on the planet Cillin. His soul was unwilling to bind with the infinity circuit and so, after her time serving as a Storm Guardian on Cillin, Thalinia modified her power sword to incorporate the soulstone of her deceased lover. The blade burns with psychic fire that threatens to spread to the soul of anybody near to Thalinia as she dances through the fury of melee.







Melee, Soul Blaze, Indiscriminate Fury

Indiscriminate Fury: Whenever the Blade of the Incandescent Soul’s Soul Blaze rule inflicts one or more unsaved Wounds, roll a D6 for every unit (friend or foe, but excluding the bearer’s unit) within 6” of the unit that suffered the Wound. On a roll of 4+, that unit is set ablaze as for the Soul Blaze special rule (this Soul Blaze does not benefit from the Indiscriminate Fury special rule).

Writer’s Notes:

Another “build-your-own-hero” that I use to lead my Eldar force. She is usually the Warlord in my army, due to Autarchs being the generals of the warhost, whilst the Seers are advisors and overall campaign leaders. Usually I use a combination of Thalinia and Lireia for games (the bond between an Autarch and a Farseer can shape a warhost and as sisters they share quite a strong bond) with the idea that Lireia is generally leading the campaign, but Thalinia is the military leader when push comes to shove.

Again, notice the wording on the remnant of glory? It’s a word for word translation of the “Firesabre” in the codex but with a different name, story and name of the “Wildfire” special rule. I like to keep my characters legal in any setting, be it casual or tournaments and Thalinia is simply an Autarch (70pts) with a banshee mask (5pts), a fusion gun (10pts), a scorpion chainsword (3pts) and a Firesabre (30pts) (replacing the scorpion chainsword instead of the shuriken pistol as I wanted the +1 attack and I imagine her having a pistol as well as her primary fusion gun) for a grand total of 118pts. Then we have the option of giving her either a warp jump generator, from her time with the Warp Spider Shrine, or Swooping Hawk wings, depending on how one plans to shape he warhost. I usually use her with one or the other, but rarely neither.

I don’t like having the same HQ as everyone else, so I like to give mine a bit of individual flair. These are the rules for Thalinia Narésiel.

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