Here I will place all of my Warhammer 40k related projects, ranging all the way across the board from conversion, army ideas and even narrative campaign outlines and custom rule sets. The projects are not listed in any particular order.

Completed Projects

  • Initial Ithyl-Loc army

In-progress Projects

  • Autarch Thalinia Narésiel model – Constructed, being painted
  • Farseer Lireia Narésiel model – Parts being acquired
  • Succubus Elynith Descallien model – Constructed and undercoated
  • Lady Esthine Narésiel model – Parts being acquired
  • Inquisitor Alyssa Robinson model – Constructed and undercoated
  • Initial Kabal of the Venomous Lotus/Cult of Mirrored Blades army – Constructed and undercoated
  • Initial Crimson Sentinels army – Partially acquired
  • Initial 1st Deredian Wanderers army – Partially acquired

Planned Projects

  • Fall of Deredia narrative campaign
  • Initial Cult of Eternal Ecstasy army
  • Inquisitor Henrietta Valais model
  • Inquisitor Lord Grige Ralos model
  • Lord Marshall Jecerl Alerin model
  • Tempestor Prime Lilyne Alerin model
  • Lady Raina Alerin model
  • Lady Thessa Riobin model
  • Corsair Princess Arianna Narésiel model
  • Emerald Moon Raiders Corsair Fleet

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