Adepta Sororitas

The Adepta Sororitas are one of my favourite armies. I started collecting them back when they were called “Witch Hunters” and included Inquisitorial units within their codex. Fast forward a few years to the current rendition of the Sisters of Battle and I still love the concept, although I cannot say the same for the current codex and rule set for them.

The general premise of the Battle Sister model is that they are like a Space Marine when it comes to shooting, but are like a Guardsman in power armour when it comes to close combat. They favour the use of bolter, flamer and melta weaponry, known as the holy trinity, and therefore favour close to medium range engagements. This is a risky army to play as committing to the wrong engagements or having the dice turn on you can easily lead to squads being tied up or outright destroyed in close combat. The codex itself does not offer much variety, though this can easily be mitigated via allies, having access to every Imperium army as “Battle Brothers” which allows some nice combinations of Sisters and Grey Knights or Blood Angels.

Below are the various tactics articles that I have written for the Sisters of Battle.

HQ Overview and Tactics

Elites Overview and Tactics

Troops Overview and Tactics

Fast Attack Overview and Tactics

Heavy Support Overview and Tactics

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